12 Tournaments for U10 U12 U14

Palo Alto Region Tournaments
The U10 and U12 Divisions have a one day regional tournament at the end of the season.  The regional tournament is planned and run by the respective Tournament Director, supported by the Division Commissioner.  

After the last regular season game is played, the U10 and U12 Division Commissioners need to rank the teams and send an email to the appropriate tournament director telling them the team rank and team names.

The tournament directors are at:

The U10 Regional Tournament involves the highest ranked 6 teams from the girls and boys divisions, and they play a 1 day schedule on 1 field, each.  The tournament is played the first Saturday in December.  The U10 Tournament planning is here.

The U12 Regional Tournament is a 10 Team Format on 2 fields, and is played during the last day of the season, prior to Thanksgiving.  Typically, the winning 4 advance to the Area Tournament.  The U12 Tournament planning is here.

Area Tournaments
Typically, we advance 4 teams in each division to the U12 and U14 Area Tournaments, held after Thanksgiving, the first weekend of December.  The Area Tournaments are held in neighboring regions, except the U14G, hosted in Palo Alto.

U14G Area Tournament
Palo Alto hosts the U14G Tournament for the Area, and other regions host the other divisions.  The U14G Tournament uses four fields at Greer on Saturday, and two fields for the morning on Sunday.  The U14G Tournament is held the first weekend of December.  The U14G Tournament planning is here.
General Tournament Formats
Different tournament formats are used depending on the number of teams in the division.  You can download these sheets to work on them.