Regional Tournament Rules

Purpose of Tournament

The primary purpose of the tournament is to have fun and gain tournament experience.  For divisions that participate in an Area Tournament, the Regional Tournament is used to determine which teams advance to the Area Tournament.

Tournament Director

  1. Whenever the term 'Tournament Director' is used, it shall also be interpreted to mean, 'or in his absence, a designated representative'.
  2. The Tournament Director shall have jurisdiction over all games played in the tournament.  All disputes will be resolved immediately by the Tournament Director or as soon as possible thereafter.  The Tournament Director is typically the Division Commissioner, or a volunteer appointed by the Division Commissioner.
  3. The Tournament Director will decide any situation or subject not covered by these rules.


  1. A minimum of seven players constitute a team for divisions that play 11v11, and six players for divisions that play 9v9.
  2. The maximum number of players on a team shall be fifteen, except for U16 or U19, where the maximum number shall be eighteen, unless the Regional Commissioner approves a greater number.
  3. The Home Team shall change jerseys when a color conflict arises.  The first named team is the home team.
  4. Teams shall remain on opposite sides of the field of play as designated, or if there is no designation, the Home team will have the choice of sides to occupy.
  5. Coaches shall remain on their own side of the field and are restricted to the area ten yards from either side of the halfway line.  Also, coaches and substitute players shall allow enough room for the assistant referee to carry out their designated duties.
  6. Only players and coaches are allowed on the field.  All others shall remain at least three yards away from the touchlines an away from the area behind the goal lines.
  7. Properly completed line-up cards shall be presented to the referee prior to the start of the game and shall include the names of all the players, present or not, and an explanation for those players who are not in attendance at the game.
  8. Each player on the team shall wear a shirt with a different number and may not exchange it with another player for the duration of the tournament games.
  9. All players shall, during the entire duration of any tournament match, wear uniforms and proper equipment as required by FIFA and AYSO Laws and Regulations. 


  1. Coaches shall conduct themselves in a manner becoming members of AYSO.
  2. Coaches shall at all times encourage clean competition and good sportsmanship.
  3. Coaches shall enforce the Rules and Regulations of AYSO.
  4. Coaches shall participate in positive coaching that instructs and encourages players during games.  Negative comments and complaints about the referees will not be permitted.

Referees and Assistant Referees

  1. The Tournament Chief Referee or his or her designated representative shall assign Referees and Assistant Referees to all games.
  2. All games shall be officiated by a diagonal system of play (one referee and two assistant referees).  If three referees are not available for a game, linesmen may be recruited from a playing team.
  3. Referees shall at all times impose the Rules and Regulations of competition as defined by AYSO, the FIFA Laws of the Game and the tournament rules.
  4. Referees must file a formal written report about abusive language used by coaches, players or spectators toward them, and about any behavior that interfered with the conduct of the game.


  1. All games will be played on fields and times designated by the Tournament Director.
  2. At the direction of the Tournament Director, mandatory water breaks may be imposed.
  3. Size of Balls: U14, U16 and U19 use size 5 balls, U11 and U12 use size 4 balls.
  4. The referee's acceptance of the game ball is final and may not be questioned.
  5. Recommended Duration of the Games
    1. U19 - 22.5 minute halves
    2. U16 - 20 minute halves
    3. U14 - 17.5 minute halves
    4. U12 - 15 minute halves
    5. U11 - 15 minute halves
  6. Game scores will be reported to the Tournament Director by both coaches for recording.  In the event of a disputed score, the center referee will verify the score.
  7. Teams must field the minimum number of players by kick-off time.  If, after a five minute grace period, a team does not have the minimum number of players, a forfeit results and that team shall lose by a score of 1-0.
  8. Rainouts will not be made up.  Cancellations because of bad weather are the responsibility of the Regional Commissioner, Tournament Director and/or game referee.  Please check the rain-out hotline for information about rain-out closures.
  9. The Tournament Director will decide the outcome of any game suspended by the referee for any purpose.
  10. If the tournament or a large portion of the tournament is cancelled because of weather or unsafe conditions, advancement to the Area Tournament will be based on team records in the regular season.

Tournament Format

  1. Games will be played over a one-day period  If the tournament has playoff rounds, tournament points from pool play determine advancement to playoff rounds and playoff results determine subsequent advancement to the Area Tournament.  If there are no playoff rounds, advancement to the Area Tournament is determined by tournament points.
  2. Large division with 10 or more teams may elect tot have two separate tournaments, with placemnet in teh two tournaments based on regular season record.  this will result in more evenly matched teams in pool play.  Advancement to the Area Tournament would only come from the top bracket.
  3. The tournament is organized by seeding teams in a fair manner.  Tournament seeding is based on a team's record in the regular season.
  4. Tournament points are awarded as follows:
    1. 6 point for a win
    2. 3 points for a tie
    3. 1 point for each goal scored (maximum of 3 points)
    4. 1 point for a defensive shutout.  A 0-0 tie does not constitute a defensive shutout.
  5. If a tie in points exists after pool play, the following tie-breakers will be used at the discretion of the Tournament Director
    1. head to head competition
    2. Least number of goals allowed during the tournament
    3. most goals scored, up to a maximum of 5 goals per game
    4. coin flip by Tournament Director
  6. If more than two teams have a tie in points, one team shall be eliminated by going through the criteria above and the remaining two teams shall then use the criteria and going down the points until one team is eliminated.
  7. There will be no overtime or shoot-outs in pool play.  Ties will be recorded as such.
  8. Winner of playoff rounds are determined by FIFA rules:  The tournament may optionally use a 10 minute overtime.  This is played after a 2 minute break, with two 5-minute periods, with teams changing ends after the first period, with no substitutions.  The full overtime must be played.  If this does not determine the winner, or the tournament does not use overtime, then a winner is determined with kicks from the penalty spot (a shoot-out).  The Tournament Director will determine the method to be used

Substitution of Players

  1. Substitutions will be allowed at halftime only, unless there is an injury at which point a substitution will be allowed at the discretion of the referee.
  2. A goalkeeper may remain in that position during the entire game.
  3. Each player must play a minimum of one-half each game.

Participants Sent from the Field

  1. All players and coaches sent from the field (red carded) must be reported to the Tournament Director by the game referee immediately after the game.
  2. A red card issued to a player or a coach shall constitute suspension from the next game.  Two red cards will disallow further participation in the tournament.  If a player or a coach receives a single yellow card in three separate games, the third yellow card will be regarded as a red card.
  3. The penalty for a player or coach sent from the field shall be suspension from playing the next game.
  4. Stronger penalties may be imposed depending on circumstances.
  5. Penalties may not be appealed.

Protests are not Allowed


  1. If a team uses a player deemed to be ineligible, that team shall forfeit all games in which the player participated.  Persons with knowledge of ineligible players shall report such infractions immediately upon gaining such  knowledge.  It is considered unethical to withhold such knowledge for the purpose of gaining an advantage.
  2. The Tournament Director may disqualify any team, at any point in the Tournament, if that team refuses to abide by teh Rules and Regulations of the Tournament.


Any injury to a participant, or damage caused by a participant, must be reported to the Tournament Director.


Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times.
Good sportsmanship and fair play is encouraged throughout the tournament.