Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager oversees inventory levels, manages the equipment locker and organizes the volunteers for locker events, where coaches pick up or return equipment.
Equipment Locker Supervisor oversees an event at the equipment locker when coaches are picking up or returning equipment.

Equipment Manager

Total Work Time
4 sessions of 1 hours each for volunteer orientation 
3 hours of administration for planning
6 hours for inventory planning
Skills - email, organizing, ordering

The Equipment Manager's duties are focused at the beginning and end of the seasons.

Midway through the Fall Season the locker is at its lowest inventory levels.  The Equipment Manager can easily see the items in the locker.  There is a control sheet indicating the levels of inventory desired, and the amount needed is easily ordered and placed into the locker.

The Equipment Manager schedules the equipment pick-up days and return days for the coaches, and provides orientation for the locker supervisors.  The procedure is noted to the right.

Inventory Control
The inventory in the locker is maintained at levels to ensure there is always enough equipment for the teams.  We do no want to get into the situation where teams have to wait for equipment to be ordered and delivered because we ran out.  The spreadsheet for Inventory Control is online.  

In late July or early August it is best to check the locker and ensure that enough equipment is on-hand.  Order whatever is missing.

In the middle of the fall season such as in the month of October, the inventory should be at its lowest and is therefore easiest to count and organize.  This is the opportunity to review inventory levels and orderliness of the locker.

The instrcutons on the right side of the page are for the Locker Supervisors.  Be sure the locker

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