U8 Team Equipment

Coach: This sheet details the equipment you are picking up and are responsible to return at the end of the season.  
  • Have your equipment organized when you return for quick check-in.

Team # _______     Coach Name _________________________________        ________Initial 

Date of Pickup ________________    Checkout By:_________________________ 

Date of Return _________________  Checkin By: __________________________

Ball Bags - Only balls go in the ball bags.  Do not put cones or other stiff objects that can poke holes in the bags.  

Balls - do not leave inflated balls in a closed-up car, the balls may burst.  Balls, even if not inflated, will weaken and age in a hot car.  Do not kick the balls against structures, such as walls or fences.  If a ball breaks or is defective, return it for a trade-in for credit from the vendor.

Coach Jerseys - Wear them at AYSO games and sponsored events and whenever else you wish. 

Player Uniforms - Must be returned, laundered, at the end of the season.  Only wear them to AYSO events.  Do not wear them to a restaurant.  Pizza is the #1 enemy of our jerseys.