Fall Registration Administration

The Fall Registration is executed on the two web sites, fall-registration.ayso26.org and webyouthsoccer.com, an outside application server.  

Starting the New Year

In January, these should be chosen.
  1. The date for opening fall registration: typically April 1.
  2. The date for ending early registration: around the same time school ends, typically June 16.
  3. The date for ending registration completely:    around mid-August, typically before the 15th.  
  4. All the fees: U5, U6, U7-19, VIP
Once the dates are chosen, a gadget can be placed on the sidebar to countdown to the opening of fall-registration.

2 Weeks Before Fall Registration

A few weeks before fall registration opens the database must be charged with the relevant information for the new season.  This is done by someone with administrator privileges for Region 26 on db.webyouthsoccer.com.  The key information to update is: 

  • the date ranges for the season registration periods: Admin > Registration Ops 
  • The fee:     Admin > Regitration Ops  > Registration Fees
  • the division setup
Review all the information under Administration on the menu to make sure it is up to date.

Opening Early Fall Registration

To open fall registration means to change some links. 

The registration workflow is this.  
  1. The parent clicks on the registration link in the page soccer-programs to get forwarded to the site named "fall-registration".  
  2. The fall-registration provides some information about divisions, then the parent clicks a registration link from there to webyouthsoccer.com.  
  3. The parent registers the children on webyouthsoccer.com.  
  4. The parent may choose online payment, in which case WYS will transact with PayPal and register the player  If the parent chooses not to use PayPal then is sent to a page for mail-in instructions.
To turn on the registration:
  1. The link labeled "PAY ONLINE" on the page fall-registration/register/finish-fall-registration must be amended to point to the early-registration return page. "http://fall-registration.ayso26.org/register/finish-early"
  2. The site "fall-registration" must be made visible to the public.  This is done by clicking the box "Public can see this site", in the site sharing page.
  3. Amend the countdown gadget text to say how many days until early-registration closes

Changing to Fall Registration, not Early Anymore

  1. Amend the countdown gadget text to how many days until registration closes

Closing Fall Registration

  1. Change the countdown gadget notification to since registration closed