Fields Coordinator


When you come to the games you may notice the nicely painted white lines on the fields. These lines are laid out and painted at the beginning of the season by a survey crew, and the white lines are refreshed each week by the lining crew to keep them bright for the games.  

The Field Coordinator organizes the teams of volunteers that survey and paint the fields, and repaint as needed.

The Field Surveyors measure and place the corners and mark out the lines on the field, and paint the first set of lines.

The Field Painters refresh the paint lines as needed.  They use the walking paint machine and walk the lines of the field that are already marked.  Field painting requires each volunteer to spend 1 hour each Thursday or Friday for 3 weeks, for a total time of 3 hours.

The schedule breaks down into 3 week cycles
  • week 1 - survey crew
  • week 2 - week 5 - 1st lining crew
  • week 6 - week 9 - 2nd lining crew
  • week 10 - week 13 - 3rd lining crew
Contact address is
eMail Address
Use the email address to connect with the teams.  You will be given the password, and use to log in.  Using this email address will allow for people that do not know you to communicate field issues back to you.

General Volunteer Jobs:  You find the crews online in our system by logging in to the correct Instructional season, either spring or fall, at and then going to the menu tab on the left, Admin, and sub-tab, Gen Volunteers.  There, you will see a list of all the volunteer positions.

The fields must be surveyed and lined by March 1 for the spring program, and by August 15 for the fall program, and continue through May and mid-December, respectively.  After logging in and getting to the General Volunteer Jobs page, click on the word Show next to the job, Field Survey.  A yellow pane will open to show the fields and the crews that have volunteered to survey the fields.

Locate the fields which you are coordinating, the word, Currently, and click on the number next to it.  This will open a pop up with the list of people that volunteered for that task.  You can get the email addresses of these people.  Send an email using the address to them, introducing yourself, and thanking them for volunteering to survey the fields.  Let them know what fields they need to survey, and by when.  Ask them to let you know when it has been completed.  Their instructions are online at our website,, and using the menu at the top, go to Fields, and the drop down, Surveying and Painting Fields
The lining machines are in the locker.  Using the machine is similar to pushing a child's wagon, following an already existing line.  Lining of our elementary school fields for U8 and Kinder may stop as soon as the game season is over.  Other fields shut down within a few weeks, but depends on the game schedule.

After logging in and getting to the General Volunteer Jobs page, click on the word Show next to the job, Field Lining.  A yellow pane will open to show the fields and the crews that have volunteered to line the fields.  The fields should already have been surveyed and lined, the lining crew freshens the lining to keep it from fading out, week to week.

The lining field crews are divided into 3 week shifts.  Each crew will line the field for 3 weeks.  To see who has volunteered on the crew, locate the field and the 3 week segment, First, Middle or Last, and next to the word, Currently, click the number.  A pop-up will show you the volunteers for that assignment.

Email the volunteers using the address, and introduce yourself and thank them for volunteering.  Then let them know of their task and field assignment, and date range for doing the field lining.  Their details instructions are online on our website at, then use the menu at the top of the page to go to Fields, and the drop down, Surveying and Painting Fields.

It is good to contact all the teams at the beginning of the season for your fields and ensure they know what their fields and dates are.