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Game Scheduler

Palo Alto AYSO plays games with many different venues, depending on the Program and the division.  There must be a game scheduler for each of those venues, and for the large divisions.  This page is to address the game scheduling for the teams that play exclusively in Palo Alto, such as U6, U8, and U10 Instructional Program teams.

The process consists of two steps; 
  1. preparing a spreadsheet with the games
  2. importing the spreadsheet into our system.

Preparing the Game Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet may be prepared in any standard program you prefer, such as Numbers, Excel, OpenOffice, or even a Google doc.

The spreadsheet will have rows of information in it to state the game start time, the game slot stop time, the field, the home team, and the away team, where each game is on one row.

All date formats must be in the form dd/mm/yyyy, and all time formats must be in the form hh:mm using a 24-hour clock.  14:30 means 2:30 pm

The header line of the spreadsheet must contain the following labels; Date, Start, End, Field, Home, Away

If you have two sets of data, such as Girls games and Boys games in a different spreadsheet, you may concatenate them and import them as one.

Every row must be fully populated with data.  Delete any rows not used.

Delete all columns after the Away column.

After entering your game data, export the file as a csv.

Use a text editor, such as Notepad or Textedit to 

Fall Instructional Program, U8-U12

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