Goals Manager

The Goals Manager oversees maintaining the AYSO goals and a list of lock combinations. AYSO is responsible for Greer 3, 4, and 5, and elementary school fields that we use. Other clubs take care of the other fields, and we share the fields amongst all the clubs.
Volunteers from each of the younger divisions check the condition of the goals at elementary schools and report results to the Manager. The Manager checks the conditions of the goals at Greer 3, 4, 5, usually taking 20 minutes. Typically, overall coordination requires 3 hours at the beginning of the season to assign the volunteers to the appropriate divisions/fields, and if necessary, replace a net. Sometimes, but rarely, the AYSO use of a field changes and the goals must be moved. Often, the coaches can move the goal once the Manager coordinates the move.
Main Tasks
  • Contact new volunteers from the divisions that have signed up during player registration and confirm them
  • Assign fields to volunteers
  • Order replacement gear, as needed (rare)
Combination Locks
The goal lock combinations list is maintained in our system on the calendar. That puts it behind a login, so that only coaches and referees can see them.

Other People in Palo Alto
U7-U9   Lightweight Goals
The U7-U9 goals are small goals, assembled from plastic piping.  They are only 5’ and 6’ tall, and do not need to be anchored.  Most fields play two small-sided games at once, so there are 4 goals at each field (and 8 goals at Hoover Park).

U10   7x20 Big Goals
The U10 goals are 7x20 sized goals, nearly as large as full size (8x24) soccer goals.  They should be anchored during play.  See the anchor section below.  AYSO has 3 sets of these goals, at Ramos Park, Duvenick School, and Juana Briones School.  These have wheels, except for the ones at Duvenick school.  With three adults it is reasonable to carry these goals, with one adult near each of the front posts, and one adult stabilizing the goal by lifting at the middle of the back of the goal.  Nets are permanently attached to these goals.

The goals at Ramos must be stored in a “nested” setup, with one goal offset slightly and stored on top of the other goal.  In order to do this the net must be attached with velcro on one side of the goal, and detached to allow the goals to be stored compactly.

U12 and Up
U12 and up goals are full size soccer goals, and these are shared with other clubs on city fields.  As of fall 2011, all goals have nets permanently attached.