Kinder Field Marker

Job Description
The initial measuring and marking takes about 90 minutes, the refreshing of the marks is done twice during the season and takes about 15 minutes each time.  Total volunteer time is 2 hours.

The Kinder Field Marker puts yellow numbers and dots on the field to mark the locations for the kinder banners.  Kinder soccer fields are small and are marked with small yellow markings.  The coaches have corner flags, and they place them at the markings to show their field boundaries.  Two volunteers work together using a field measuring tape to mark the spots.  This is done once before the first day of play, and refreshed approximately once a month.

Details of Tasks
The Kinder Producer wil get the yellow spray paint cans and the field measuring tape from the locker.  The amount of paint used can vary between .5 and 1.5 depending on the season and the number of teams.

The field is to be marked into segments 25x15 yards.  The touchline is marked off in 15 yard segments as shown to the right.  The numbers 1,2,3,4 on the left of the touchline on the near side, and on the right of the touchline on the far side, are just outside the touchline and designate the team number.  They are to be 15 yards apart.  The yellow dots inside the soccer field show the other corners of the field.

To begin, shake the spray paint can vigorously for about 1 minute.  Start in the lower corner of the soccer field and hold the spray paint can upside down and vertically.  Paint the number 1 about 5 or 6 inches high (about the size of your full hand print).  Use block lettering, don't get fancy.  The numbers need to be simple and bold to persist and be easily read.

When you paint, make sure the paint is below the grass.  Paint on top of the grass will be mowed away quickly.  Paint near the bottom of the grass, or even on the ground, will persist.

Using the tape, have one person hold the tape at the number 1 and the other person carry the other end of the tape and the paint can to the 15 yard distance.  Spray the number 2.  Then the two volunteers walk, the first person walks to the number 2, and the third person is then 15 yards past and can mark the number 4.  Do not roll up the tape in between measurements, just walk with the tape rolled out to the 15 yard mark.

The numbers correspond to team numbers.  The Kinder Producer can tell you how many teams are in U5, U6G and U6B.  Choose the best corner for the U5.  It might be a shaded corner.  It might be the corner closest to the bathrooms.

Mark the field starting from that corner with the number of teams of U5 plus 1.  We have to do the extra team mark to show the closing, or end of the field of the last team.  Then skip some space, maybe 3 yards, and start numbering again from 1 for the number of teams of U6G, plus 1.

Now you should be at the far end of the field.  Take the tape measure and measure perpendicularly into the field from the last number, to place the dot.  The distance from the number to placing the dot is 25 yards.  The two volunteers can now walk back towards the beginning of the field placing dots opposite each number.  Each dot should be 2 inches in diameter, and be sure to get the dot below the top of the grass so that it will persist.

When done, move the other side of the field and start numbering for the U6B.  Starting at one, place the numbers outside the touchline for the numbers of boys teams, plus 1.  Once at the other end, come back down the field placing the dots for the boys numbering.

Refreshing the Field Marks
This is easily done and usually the tape measure is not needed.  Each play day, check a few field marks to make sure they are easily read.  When they start to be difficult to read, but before they disappear, walk along and refresh the markings with the paint can. Don't forget the dots.