Locker Supervision

Supervising a Locker Event
AYSO Lockes Have Purple or Pink Locks

What is a Locker Event?
At predetermined times we open the locker for coaches and team managers to pick up, return, or exchange equipment and uniforms.  The lockers are generally well organized and maintained.  We need to keep it that way, it is easy for the locker organization to get out of control.  For this reason we have tams of volunteers to conduct the event by getting and storing equipment and uniforms.  It is important that coaches and team managers that come to the event DO NOT ENTER THE LOCKER.  

There are Two Lockers
The locker complex has 3 buildings with locker on both sides, making 6 rows of lockers.  Our Uniform Locker and our Equipment Locker are on the outside rows at opposite sides of the complex.  There are 3 gates.  The entrance is the center gate and has a keypad mounted for the driver of a car entering.  Only the locker supervisors may take their car into the complex.  No one else may bring a vehicle into the complex.  It is important that we obey all the locker rules or management will revoke our locker contracts.

Holding the Gate Open
We may park a car in such a way that it keeps the gate open.  However, be careful to park the car over the sensor, but not blocking the gate, in case it does close anyway.  When holding the gate open with a car, park in such a way as to block the entrance, preventing other vehicles from entering.  Unfortunately, if someone comes along to get out, you have to move and let them out.  This does not happen often, maybe only once in the session.

The gate to hold open is the one closest to the recycle center at the east end, next to the equipment locker.  Park your car in the middle of the entry and almost touching the gate.  Then use the keypad to open the gate and it should remain open.  The gate may only be held open if there is a locker supervisor watching it, either at the gate, or at the equipment locker.

Equipment Locker
The equipment locker holds everything a coach needs; balls, cones, first aid kits, coach kit, corner flags, goalie gloves and jerseys, pinnies.  When you raise the door you will see shelving along each wall, a wooden shelving unit on wheels, and often, miscellaneous stuff dropped inside the door that someone dropped and could not put the stuff away.
1) take the miscellaneous stuff off the floor and move it out of the locker
2) roll the wooden shelf out. typically we turn it so that it remains on the concrete along the locker faces, off the side.  it takes 3 people.
3) now that the locker is open, put away all the miscellaneous stuff
4) you are now ready for coaches to return or pick up equipment

This page details the equipment locations in the locker, and what each coach should be getting or leaving.

The uniform locker holds all the uniforms, kitted in team bags, stowed in cubbies, and placed in bins on the wooden roller shelf.  When you open the locker there may be miscellaneous items blocking the wooden roller shelf, or on the floor in the aisle. 
1) take the items on the floor out of the locker and set them aside
2) roll the wooden shelf out and back it up against the wall off to the side
3) take the aluminum frame near the back left (white board stand) and set it outside off out of the way
4) you are now ready for team managers to pick up, drop off or exchange uniforms

This page details the locations of uniform parts in the locker, and the procedure for handing out or receiving uniforms.