Permit Coordinator Details

Three permit seasons are administered by the City of Palo Alto
  1. winter/spring - Jan 1 to end of school
  2. summer - end of school to the beginning of school
  3. fall - beginning of school to Dec 31

Season Planning
At the beginning of each season we start with two spreadsheets emailed by the city, one for practice slots on weekdays, and another for game slots on the weekend.  The city will state how many slots may be reserved by AYSO.  Typically, we compare these new working sheets with the sheets from the previous year, and update the new sheet accordingly, and taking into account the number of slots permitted this season.  Then, eMail the spreadsheets to the pertinent program folks at AYSO for comments.  The spreadsheet is reviewed by the pertinent AYSO folks, and the Permit Coordinator makes the needed adjustments, and then eMails them to the city.

Since our needs are similar from year to year, there is usually no issue and the city issues the reservations.  Sometimes, other users than AYSO have a special request that the city would like us to consider.  We look at the request and see if there is a way for us to accommodate it.

The AYSO Program folks should know the issues for their own program, along with our fields manager.  The primary role of the Permit Coordinator is to facilitate the reviews, maintain the spreadsheet, and be the single voice to the city permits office.

Loading Permit Schedule into the Calendar
The following procedure is used to take the final permit spreadsheet from the city and upload it into the Permit Calendar.  The Permit Calendar is a quick and easy way for our coaches to see what slots on the various fields are allocated to AYSO, and is visible to everyone.

Empty the Calendar
For a new season you may wish to empty the calendar of any past entries before loading the new permit.  To empty the calendar, first login to using the permits account.  Then use the drop down arrow at, My Calendars in the left column, to select, Settings.  On the Calendar Settings page, click on Delete (right hand side) for the calendar named, Permits.  Confirm the dialog box.  Now wait until the "Loading" message in red, at the top right, disappears before clicking further.  This may take 10 minutes.

Prepare the csv
Care must be taken with this procedure not to accidentally upload it to the wrong calendar, or to upload it twice.  There is no way to delete events from a Google calendar, except one by one.  It is possible to delete all the events from the calendar to start a new season.

Below is an image of the spreadsheet before exporting it to a csv file.  Note the format of the date and time columns.  Deleting extraneous information such as Park, PAUSD, etc, can make the entries in the calendar more easily read.  Also, there can be no slashes in the subjects column, so be sure to replace all "Stanford/PA" with "Mayfield" in the spreadsheet that the city provides.  Also, experience has proven that if there are more than 400 entries in the csv file the import may skip some entries.

Import the Permit Events
Login to using the permits account. On the left, bottom, is "Other calendars". Using the down arrow, choose Import Calendar. In the Choose File, navigate to the CSV file. In the Calendar selection box, choose the calendar named,, then click the Import button.
Timeline Overview

Winter/Spring Programs
November - Review the winter/spring field needs with the program Spring and Select Program Producers.  Adjust the summary permit spreadsheets supplied by the city, and return them to the city for review and signature.  During the season, the PASS and Spring Producers may send you an email to release some of the reserved slots.  Simply inform the city by email.

Summer Programs
April - Dates and field needs for a variety of Programs may come from,, or other Program Producers.  Consolidate these needs and email the request to the city permits office.  These needs are usually simple compared to other seasons.

Fall Programs
April - Begin preparations for the Fall Program.  Review the field needs with the Elite and Fall Program Producers and make the needed adjustments.  Send the resulting spreadsheets to the city as a field request form.

Some Special Instructions
  • There are two separate requirements reflected in two spreadsheets, one for practices on weekdays and games on weekends
  • Ensure 30 minute reserved buffer for U5/U6 games on Saturday.  Parents are slow to set up and slow to vacate.
  • Program Producers should predict the number of teams for their Program.  Request fields on the basis of 2 teams more per division than last year
  • Avoid using Jordan, Ramos and Pardee
  • VIP uses Hoover Park on Sunday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00 in the Fall
  • U12 and U10 Regional Tournaments need Greer 1-5 all day Saturday and Greer 1 & 2 & 4 on Sunday until 1:15
  • U14G Area Tournament needs Greer 1-5 all day Saturday and Greer 1 & 2 on Sunday until 1:15
  • For U14G Area Tournament, Sunday play must be scheduled for Mayfield, providing an artificial turf alternative for weather considerations