Player ID Coordinator

Players and coaches in Spring Select and Fall Elite programs need picture ID cards for their games and tournaments.  The Player ID Coordinator prepares these cards, prints them and then laminates them.  The laminating machine and blank ID templates are provided.  The ID cards are produced at the beginning of the season after the teams are formed.  There is an occasional need to produce another ID card during the season if a player is injured and replaced.

Time to Produce ID Cards:   About 1 hour per team.  Number of teams: 6 boys and 6 girls

Blank picture ID cards come on a template that looks like the image to the right.  This template is attached to this page in both Microsoft Word and iWork Pages format.  Download the required format.  

The Team Manager will collect and email images of the players and coaches to the address  Collect all the images into the appropriate team folder in the domain for the team.  These images should be passport style, head and shoulder shots.  The Team Managers typically take them with a cell phone.  The folder is on our Google Domain, and the instructions below tell you how to access it.

Preparing the ID Card
Place the images for each person onto the template, appropriately cropping and scaling the images to fit.  Write the player or coaches name in the NAME field of the template corresponding to each image.

Information - Player and Coach
The required personal information can be obtained from the Tournament Roster.  Login at and go to the menu tab on the left of the page, Board / Tournament Rosters.  This will open a page and you can click on the Print Roster button next to the team you are working on.  This will produce a PDF that lists the information for the coach and each player.  Enter that information into the ID card template.  Players information must match the fields correctly.  Coach information should include the certification level and the date of Safe Haven training.  Coaches birthdate is not needed.  Team Manager information should include date of Safe Haven training.  Team Manager birthdate is not needed.  The MY YEAR is the year of the current soccer season, such as 2104, for the 2014 fall to 2015 spring soccer season.  The soccer year starts with in August and goes until the end of July.

Printing the ID Cards
The cards can be printed on heavy paper, such as low gloss finish presentation paper.  The backs of the page can be blank.

PLAYER SIGNATUREs are not needed.
Regional Commissioner Signature
After printing all the cards on the sheet you need to get the RC signature on the cards.  Cut out and separate all the cards into a single envelope for each team, and take them to the RC to get them signed.  You can leave them with the RC.

The RC has a laminating machine and will laminate them.  Player and Coach ID cards for PCSSL should not be laminated, as PCSSL will stamp them and then laminate them.

The RC will follow up with returning the cards to the finished cards to the teams.

Sample Player ID Card

Sample Coach ID Card

AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
Nov 8, 2012, 7:49 PM
AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
Nov 8, 2012, 7:50 PM