AYSO26 Board Agenda 2010 03 24

posted Feb 26, 2011, 9:54 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 9:55 AM ]

Discussion from previous meeting

  1. The CVPA position is open and may be of increasing importance
  2. You want to think about Palo Alto Utility account numbers and how to get them in the system
  3. Kathy Rivlin may be a candidate for U9G or U10B Commissioner
  4. Soccerfest fields should be secured from Dana Tom
  5. Summer Camps need attention...lobby City Hall?
  6. Contact at Paly for Service Credits is Christine Owen
  7. A possible high school Service Position may be Photo Day Assistant

New Items

  1. Treasurer Report
    1. Balances   checking $73,900   Savings $33,200
    2. Proposes to move $20K to savings
    3. Auto-pay for storage lockers now set up
  2. Chuck Malone
    1. Corporate Donation Program - can we get more detail
    2. How should VIP player, coach & volunteer registration and insturctions be handled
      1. eAYSO
      2. 2 copies of registration paperwork
      3. coaches & volunteers take safe haven
      4. should paperwork go to Avivit?
  3. Challenger Sports - request to talk to us about their program updates
  4. Marco graciously allowed us to import and update his pages
  5. Wilson Trophy wants to sell us National Games pins
  6. Shutting down aysohelp.org
  7. Uniform Donations request
  8. Area Calendar notes
  9. Area Minutes from 16 March
    1.  It was a prediction of Drew's that the Section may not continue with U10 tournaments after the lackluster participation this past, first season.
    2. Repeat of the Management Super camp.  He also suggested we be prepared to take a bigger organizational role if necessary (that means Randy and likely Risha; our two Management Instructors).  There was discussion about the historical and future coach training.  We decided to leave things as they are for now with the early June U12 course to be planned and canceled if necessary.  35 hosted last year, 43 the previous two years.  It was TBD as to who may host the course tentatively discussed to be held 5 June (Saturday). This course has come up as needed so people can attend the Golden Gate Camp Intermediate immersion course. 
    3. Scott decided to keep the tentative 31 August (Tuesday) date for the Madison League (U16/19) organizational meeting.  Implicit was Randy whipping regions again this year to get field slots and team info to us by 15 August. 
    4. Region Information Form (RIF) -- 
    5. Budget -- to be set and approved by your board.   There is a spreadsheet budget form on the ayso.org site
    6. Regional Assessment Program (RAP) -- due earlier this year (1 June) to the AD due to the clarification that it applies to the previous Fall operation (and current Spring).
    7. eAYSO pre-registration season setup 
    8. A recap from the eAYSO/WYS summit is that WYS will now accept Volunteer Registrations again with the caveat that:
      1. any volunteer registered in WYS only cannot use aysotraining.org as their registration in eAYSO will be batched and submitted later,
      2. registrations submitted via WYS to eAYSO will incur a $.10/person fee by National (as will player registrations uploaded from WYS to eAYSO via eAYSO Offline by the way).
  10. AYSO National Annual General Meeting NAGM  (see attachment)
  11. AYSO National Fee Increase of $2.25 proposed to $15.oo
  12. lack of compliance to AYSO rules has has disqualified teams in Spring play
    1. Sunnyvale - volunteer registration and insurance
    2. Region 45 - lack of tight management of player cards
  13. Registrar online training see MOZ screenshot attached
  14. Soccer Balls (Molten) who handles this