AYSO26 Board Agenda 2010 07 28

posted Feb 26, 2011, 10:01 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 10:02 AM ]

Saul Rotblat will chair this meeting.

Review and Adopt Previous Board Minutes

Introduce New Regional Members

  • Ana Villanueva, Secretary, Regional Board Position
  • Marc Guillet, Safety Director, Regional Board Position
  • Tracy Chen, CVPA, Regional Board Position
  • Bruce McNamara, Game Scheduler, Regional Staff Position

Treasurer Report

  • Budget/Actual Status

Registration Report

  • All division registration is closed, except for U6/U5.  Registration is still active, but not advertised.  New registrants will go onto wait list.  Recruiting for the upper divisions can continue.

Standing Projects

  • Corporate Donation Program, Gordon  (punt to next meeting)
  • Motorized Paint Machine - status?  Reed
  • High School Recruiting - partnership with Youth Community Service (www.youthcommunityservice.org), Gordon (punt to next meeting)
  • Flex Program, Gordon (punt to next meeting)
  • Training Calendars, are RCA and RRA online calendars accurate, Lee & Jack
  • U5 Program status, do we have a plan, Pamela
    • registration dates, method?
    • field reserved?
    • uniforms?
    • training?  
  • Field Issues?  Dana and Saul
    • Per Dana -  I reserved the fields for the fall.  AYSO gets first priority ahead of all other groups because we have a sufficient percentage of Palo Alto residents and take all children who apply.  I sent the field reservation lists to the practice field and game schedulers.  The only thing remaining to be worked out is the set of alternative fields for the weekends with tournaments hosted by other groups on Sep 25/26 and Nov 20/21.  That is something that happens each year and typically gets worked out in August.

New Items

  • Division Commissioning Status & Progress, Catherine
    • Commissioner envelopes prepared with 1 copy of each registered player.  See attachment "Commissioner" for the instructions.  Those instructions are printed on the Commissioner envelope.  
    • There are the correct number of Coach envelopes attached to the Commissioner envelope.  It is pre-addressed and pre-stamped for return.  See the attachment "Coach" for the instructions.  The instructions are printed on the Coach envelopes.
  • NG Activity  (Apocalypsespringb19a), David
  • Advanced Clinic Day - Promotional Program - Leon
  • Early Division Coach Support - Promotion Program Materials - Leon
  • Form a committee to review Spring Select and region identity - RC (punt to next meeting)
  • Volunteer Registration.  See the page http://www.ayso26.org/volunteering/how-to-volunteer

Open Discussion