Palo Alto AYSO Board Agenda - 2012 02 08

posted Feb 8, 2012, 3:16 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Feb 8, 2012, 6:47 PM ]
: New Programs, Spring Rec, Winter Camps, Spring Break Camps, U2-U4, El Palo Alto Tournament

Treasurer Report

Standing Projects
  1. Uniforms - uniforms are due in this weekend for the Spring Rec program.  Same as Spring Select uniforms, now going down to U8.  No issues at the moment, have ordered in regular team kit of numbers 1-20 and extra size in number range 21-25, allowing for jerseys to be added to team kit without worrying about jersey number collision.
  2. Simplified Registration - Registration for Spring Rec and for volunteers has gone really smoothly.  Less than half a dozen queries or cries for help have come in.  The new process is a lot easier to explain and do.
  3. El Palo Alto Tournament - Christine Schlenker - Tournament Director - We received formal approval for the Tournament a few weeks ago, and opened formal registration on the first of Feb.  The Tournament explanation is on the web site at  Palo Alto teams will host the tournament, and take responsibility for the field on which they play.  Hosting means that the team will provide the Field Marshals, reporting to the Tournament Director for the administration and management of game day.  Specific instructions are being developed at  Would be great to have you read through this page especially, because if we don't get this right, and clear, to give our parents the best possible direction to succeed.       Current team sign up is:
    1. 218 Davis Fury U14 Girls
    2. 249 San Bruno Dynamite U14 Girls
    3. 45 MV Terremotos U12 Boys
    4. 45 Impact U14 Girls
    5. 45 U14G Team #2 U14 Girls
    6. 223 Velocity U10 Girls
    7. 45 Adrenaline U12 Girls
    8. 45 Azzurri U16 Boys
    9. 223 Dynamite U10 Girls
    10. 45 Edge U16 Girls
    11. 45 Mountain View Alphas U14 Boys
    12. 223 MDSA Dynamite U10 Girls
    13. 157 Pacifica Thunderwolves U14 Boys
    14. 218 Davis Doom U10 Girls
    15. 157 Pacifica Strikers U10 Girls
    16. 45 Mountain View Alphas U14 Boys
    17. 44 Sunnyvale Galaxy U10 Boys
    18. 44 Sunnyvale All American Pride U10 Girls
    19. 44 StrikeForce U14 Boys
    20. 157 Pacifica Strikers U10 Girls
    21. 109 Menlo Park Flame U12 Girls
    22. 249 San Bruno Tritons U14 Boys
    23. 44 Earthquakes U12 Boys
    24. 26 Palo Alto Bilzzard U14 Girls
    25. 26 Raptors U16 Boys
    26. 1 Redwood City U10 Girls
    27. 26 Palo Alto Falcons U10 Boys
    28. 218 Davis Ricochet U16 Girls
    29. 218 Davis Swagger U14 Girls
    30. 305 Ambush U12 Girls
    31. 218 Davis Graffiti U10 Girls
    32. 223 Dynamite U10 Girls
    33. 26 Kaboom U12 Girls
  4. Winter Camps - we ran a winter camp for the two weeks over Christmas vacation.  US Soccer Coaching ran the camp, with about 50 sign-ups for week 1 and 20 sign ups for week 2.  I expect to make this a regular offering.
  5. Spring Break Camps - we are offering a one week Spring Break Camp of the same format as the Winter Camps.  Have opened registration but have not made a solid announcement yet.  US Soccer will again run the camp.
  6. Spring Rec Program - Janet Wiener - Producer - We expect to    interlock 
    with Sunnyvale and 2J for games.  Some choices yet to be made as to which divisions will interlock with 2J versus what we might do with Sunnyvale, or perhaps even keep some divisions inside Palo Alto.  Registration is stronger than we anticipated.  We were hoping for 1 or 2 teams per division.  Current registration exceeds that by a lot.  For the interlock we may have to be more standard in how we form our teams for U8 (forgo the World Cup / Olympic model).  Kinder will run at Greer per usual.  U14 may combine with partial teams in Sunnyvale.  Volunteering seems to be generally strong, but has not yet been looked at carefully.  Time to start looking at that carefully.
  7. U2-U4 Program - have been in discussion with US Soccer over offering a U2-U4 program.  Almost ready to launch it.  US Soccer has been doing U2-U4 at various elementary schools around the South Bay, but not up our way.  I see this as an opportunity to enhance the AYSO branding in our region, and get parents involved with volunteering with AYSO with their pre-schoolers, hopefully predisposing them to volunteer as their kids move upward.  The U2-U4 Program would run year-round, in 10 week session with several weeks between.  It is a 45 minute on Saturday morning session, with the U2, U3 and U4 separated, covering 3 hours from 9 to 12.  This provides 15 minutes for cycling the facilities between age groups.
  8. Summer Camps - we are all set to open registration on the Summer Camps.  The web pages have been updated.  Fields not yet allocated, hoping for Greer 1 & 2.
  9. Volunteer Replacement - Robert Neff has resigned as Goals & Nets Coordinator.  We are seeking a replacement.  An Assistant Auditor has been found is beginning to work with Sawako, eventually to replace Sawako.   Dana Tom needs replacing imminently.  The following persons have expressed interest in Regional positions and need to be contacted ASAP.
    1. Asst RRA - Sarah Mcbride
    2. CVPA Jorge Zuniga
    3. Camp Producer - Lupe Alcantar
    4. Equipment Manager - Debi Snipp
    5. Permits - Melissa Michelson
    6. Referee Coordinator for Spring Rec U10/U12 - Sophia Liu
    7. Soccerfest Producer - Di-Ann Eisnor
    8. U10 Goals and Nets Asst - Melissa Yu
    9. U12-U19 goals and Nets Asst - Bradley Fuller
    10. U8 Goals and Nets Asst - Anand Bonthu
    11. Uniform Coordinator - Aoife Maynard
    12. Volunteer Coordinator - Keren Fernandez and Yoel Crane
    13. Web Admin - Jason Bau
New Item Planning & DIscussion
  1. U10/U9 Merger? Area 2A has decided to send a team to the Section Tournament starting this year, in the fall.  Palo Alto cannot participate in this with a split U9/U10 division.  However, it is not clear that there will be an Area Tournament to pick the team, rather a lottery.  So the only benefit to the Region would be to have their teams in the lottery to pick one Area team to go to the Section Tournament.  To merge our U9/U10 divisions would mean forgoing the special characteristics of our U9 division, and trying to find enough fields for a doubled in size, U10 division.  We need to decide whether to forgo participating in the Section Tournament for U10 and continuing as we are, or combining the divisions.
  2. Referee course, Feb 26.
  3. Next Year Spring Program Merged with Spring Select - Next year we will run registration and administration of the Spring Select and Spring Rec more closely together.  If we open registration in WYS in October for Spring Select, then players can pre-register in WYS for the tryouts, and if selected, finish their registration and pay online.  In January, we switch the registration to Spring Rec, and any Spring Select not fully signed up or paid by then will have to follow through the old fashioned way.  The benefit to running the program this way is that we simplify the registration process for Spring Select, take payment online just as we do for the regular season, and classify the combined program as "Open Registration".  As an open registration program certain benefits accrue, not the least of which is permitting anyone to register, regardless of past AYSO experience.  Select teams would be designated as team #1 and 2 in each division, depending on how many were formed.  That team would have a different game schedule as the balance of the teams, but would be administrated in the same way in WYS as all the other teams.
  4. VIP Update & Issues - Chuck Malone - Registration kick-off, season schedule, uniforms, volunteer assignments, funding for awards.
  5. Fields - The RC is totally confused.