Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2010 03 24

posted Feb 26, 2011, 10:20 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 18, 2012, 8:44 PM ]

Reviewed previous board minutes

  1. The CVPA position is open and may be of increasing importance 
    1. Agreed, no progress from last meeting
  2. You want to think about Palo Alto Utility account numbers and how to get them in the system 
    1. Spoke to Bob at WYS about including an additional field.  He will try to get it in, but not in this release.  This will not help us this registration year.  
    2. Gordon will work the issue with the current web site.
  3. Kathy Rivlin may be a candidate for U9G or U10B Commissioner 
    1. Will ask
  4. Soccerfest fields should be secured from Dana Tom    
    1. Will ask
  5. Summer Camps need attention...lobby City Hall?   
    1. The issues with the city are resolved.  The result underscores that we may only use national program coaches in the future.  The City is recognizing our Palo Alto non-profit status use of the fields on the basis that we are running the programs and hiring the coaches from UK Soccer (national programs) and that we are collecting the fees and then paying UK Soccer to train in the clinics.
  6. Contact at Paly for Service Credits is Christine Owen
    1. acknowledged
  7. A possible high school Service Position may be Photo Day Assistant
    1. acknowledged

New Agenda Proceedings

  1. Treasurer Report
    1. Accepted
    2. Discussion ensued about locker consolidation.  It was concluded that the referee locker is fully utilized.  The paint locker and the general locker may not be fully utilized and could perhaps be consolidated.  Saul will consider this and if suitable, we will organize a locker cleanup and consolidation effort.  Saul will required a coupled of volunteer helpers and a pick up to perform this.
    3. Also, we have a motorized paint machine that we don't use.  Perhaps we can sell or donate this.
  2. Chuck Malone
    1. Corporate Donation Program - can we get more detail
      1. was deemed too much effort to really push this.  Cash is not needed.
    2. How should VIP player, coach & volunteer registration and insturctions be handled
      1. This was the complete process
  3. Challenger Sports - request to talk to us about their program updates
    1. Since we are using UK soccer and will use national program in the future, there is no need to talk to Challenger
  4. Marco graciously allowed us to import and update his pages
    1. Thank you Marco
  5. Wilson Trophy wants to sell us National Games pins
    1. Refere to Dejan
  6. Shutting down
    1. This will not impact us
  7. Uniform Donations request
    1. We will permit the uniforms to be donated
  8. Area Calendar notes
    1. will send link to board to peruse at their discretion
  9. Area Minutes from 16 March
    1. Not discsused
  10. AYSO National Annual General Meeting NAGM  (see attachment)
    1. OK
  11. AYSO National Fee Increase of $2.25 proposed to $15.oo
    1. Some discussion.  Little concern was raised.  Saul mentioned there may be a need to consider raising area fees.
  12. lack of compliance to AYSO rules has has disqualified teams in Spring play
    1. Acknowledged
  13. Registrar online training see MOZ screenshot attached
    1. OK
  14. Soccer Balls (Molten) who handles this
    1. Not interested