Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2010 05 26

posted Feb 26, 2011, 10:26 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 18, 2012, 8:43 PM ]

Review and Adopt Previous Board Minutes

Treasurer Report

  • budget submission adopted
  • recurring online payment up to $250 per month per item adopted
  • payment to either Treasurer or RC under $100 may be signed by Treasurer and RC, adopted

Area Board Meeting - Minutes were attached, little discussion

  • NAGM Proxies Handed In
  • Draft Budget for FY2011 Adopted, Requires Small Rework
    • $1.50 Fee Per Player Adopted to Help Fund Increased Coach & Ref Training
    • Player Fee Will be Billed This Month
  • Various Rule Updates Were Adopted, No Significant Changes, Mostly Clarifications
    • Madison League Will Adopt Free Substitution after Coordination with 2J

Registration Report

  • Registration is on track with past years, acknowledged

Standing Projects

  • Corporate Donation Program, Gordon confirmed these exist and will pursue
  • Motorized Paint Machine - sell or donate, Saul absent, so topic was punted
  • High School Recruiting, Reviewed proposed ads and made some layout and text changes
  • Flex Program, Discussion of report, conclusion is that direction is good.
  • Training Calendars, asked RCA and RRA to ensure their online calendars are accurate

New Items

  • U5 Pilot Program with EPA Community Services
    • Discussion concluded this was good direction and Pamela was appointed Division Commissioner for the U5.  Program development will continue under her tutelage.
  • U5/U6 Uniform Policy, Shin Guard Policy, Concluded we should collect U5/U6 uniforms and re-use.  Do not re-use shin guards, parents will continue to purchase.
  • Kid Zone Program, agreed we would increase the profile of Kids Zone at the fields
  • Field Questions from Dana - Saul and Ray will advise Dana on field issues
  • Board Calendar updated with webinars for June
  • Inform/Promote training to volunteer base?  Agreed RCA and RRA would ensure all volunteers were well  informed.
    • Cupertino training for U12 on Sat Jun 19, VIEW
    • Golden Gate Camp, for Intermediate and Advanced on July 16-18 in Belmont
    • Region pays all fees