AYSO26 Board Minutes 2010 09 22

posted Feb 26, 2011, 10:29 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 10:29 AM ]

Adopted Previous Board Minutes

Treasurer Report

  • Budget/Actual - on track with expectations

Standing Projects

  • Corporate Donation Program ( tabled for when the season slows down )
  • Flex Program ( has not been meeting during fall startup )
  • Area News
    • Area CVPA slot is open
    • AD is resigning
    • We moved onto the agenda and the Area tournament planning.  Michael S informed us of a change in the number of U14G teams -- went from 1 to 2.  Looking at the numbers, he agreed keeping his regions contribution at one team in the tournament was fine.  So below are the allocations of teams to the Area tournament (16 teams per division; following the table of teams) per division and region.
    • Host region assignments remain the same at:
      U12B Menlo Park
      U12G Sunnyvale
      U14B Mt View
      U14G Palo Alto
  • Madison League Update
    • small clarifications with regard to team placement and time cards
    • teams do not have to be on the same side of the field, time cards are given to the center ref at the end of the game
    • Lee mentioned that at a game a  parent time keeper on the opposite side did not come to Lee's side of the field and kept yelling across the field for the player number.  Also, the parent was not clear about what they needed to be concerned about.  It was suggested we need a cheat-sheet for the time-keeper parents.  Need someone to volunteer to write this up, as a simple bulleted one pager.
    • There is a requirement by National for the level of instruction/accreditation for coaches in the Madison League.  Our Area has not met this level, and we have an agreed upon Area plan.  That plan ratchets-up the Area requirement from the very loose standards of last year to full compliance by 2015.  That table has been formally adopted and will be entered into the Madison League statutes.  Region 26 is ahead of schedule with this year's requirements, and plans to remain ahead of the requirements.
      • If ALL coaches not registered and safe haven trained by 30 Sep, then the team is disbanded.
      • If ALL coaches not trained by 15 Oct, then the team is not part of the tournament play at the end of the season.
In the attached spreadsheet, coach info in green means meeting the National standard.  That in black means meeting the current Area standard.  That in blue in last years chart is meeting the super relaxed area standard.  That in red is failing all standards.

Here is a table to help understand the by year requirements for U16/19 Primary Season coach training. Note this is only indicating the required training level of coaches for the U16/19 division.  All U16/U19 coaches should ensure they meet these minimum requrements.

National - Secondary (non-primary season)
National - Primary season
Area Standard
Area Enforced absolute minimum
Advanced, National
Adv/Nat recommendedIntermediate (U12 if first time), head onlynot checked or enforced
Advanced, NationalAdv/Nat recommendedIntermediate (U12 if first time), head only
U10, all
Advanced, NationalU6 required, Adv/Nat recommended
Intermediate (U12 if first time), head only
U12, head only; U10 for assistants
Advanced, NationalU8 required, Adv/Nat recommended
Intermediate (U12 if first time), allcoaches
Area Standard for head; 
U12 for assts
Advanced, NationalU10 required, Adv/Nat recommendedIntermediate (U12 if first time), allcoachesArea Standard for head; 
U12 for assts

Advanced, NationalU12 required, Adv/Nat recommendedAdvanced, National for head; Intermediate assts
Area Standard
Advanced, NationalIntermediate required, Adv/Nat recommendedAdvanced, National for head; Intermediate assts
Area Standard
Advanced, NationalAdvanced, National required of all
National Standard
National Standard

  • Advanced Clinic Day - Promotional Program - the clinic dates have been set for Oct. 9 & 10
    • Feedback from coaches on the UK Socca practice mentoring has been positive.  Especially first-time coaches have been effusive about how much it helped them.
    • UK Socca feedback
      • very difficult to schedule the team visits.  Many coaches not helpful with information.  most practices are at the same time.  After awhile began to look at multiple coaches on the same field at the same time for practices.
      • Most common problem with the coaches, especially first timers, is that they don't come across as a coach, just another parent hanging around.  The mentors have begun to focus some of the training on coach demeanor and voice.
  • Form a committee to review Spring Select and region identity
    • Gordon will send out an email to pull together a small committee to get on with figuring this out.  After months of ad hoc discussion and putting off the challenge during season start-up, its time to sort out the program before Spring Select is upon us.

Open Discussion

  • Coach Shirts.  We are going to change the way we handle coach shirts.  Starting now we are going to run an inventory of the relevant sizes of coach shirts, and distribute them from the inventory.  This will save having to guess what we need in each size and scrambling with orders at the 11th hour, and not having coach shirts until part way into the season.  With this method, we will have enough shirts on hand before the season starts.  We have burgundy shirts for this year, so we will settle on having burgundy coach shirts into the future.  We need to have Gordon, Saul, Reed and Joan talk about getting this done and managing the shirts in the context of the locker.
  • Lee presented a report prepared by Jim Ivey and Stephen Hansen regarding our region's referee training this season.  The full report is here.  Bottom line for 26 is that 180 Palo Alto referees took referee courses this season.