Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2011 05 26

posted Jun 6, 2011, 5:59 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 18, 2012, 8:37 PM ]

:   Budget Review, Bank Account Issues, Registration and Volunteers, Courses. 

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Treasurer Report - MY 2011 Budget - approved

Standing Projects

  1. Player Uniforms for Upper Division (U14-U19)
    1. Roland will have them sent to his house
    2. Working through idea how to best distribute them this year to the coaches
    3. Ordered a range of sizes for each team consistent with historical, plus order 15% more uniforms for flexibility in sizing the players on the teams
    4. Starting to plan how to organize and manage locker for uniform return and distribution
  2. Coach Jerseys - final sample under review
  3. Spring Select Report - did well at Davis, see Newsletter


  1. Bank account hacked.  Transferred to BofA.  No funds lost.
  2. Player uniforms U7-U12 - ordered in accordance with last year's practice
    1. Sondra tells me that many divisions' uniforms have been consistently undersize
    2. no repeats in numbering on teams
    3. WYS will be used for scheduling this year
  3. Player uniforms for Upper Division are ordered and will arrive in June.  Blue shirt is set, white shirt number is being altered slightly to have a black line border consistent with blue shirt.
  4. Registration - stats
    1. Generally on track with former years, a little ahead
      1. started 3 days earlier, parents feel more pressure to get signed up early due to policy statement regarding
      2. 3 emails to date, 4th one will go out this weekend
  5. Volunteers
    1. Volunteer Coordinator active this weekend, will review volunteer status each Saturday and send reminders to ensure volunteers continue to move through the process
    2. CVPA in transit with registration process
    3. 3 registration helpers standing by to be supervised by the CVPA
    4. division commissioners, almost all division covered, only 1/4 of them moved through registration
      1. division commissioner calendar is completed and sends alerts to where should be in process
      2. Handbook updated to integrate the calendar references and coach ratings at end of season
      3. Report of volunteer registration in eAYSO is posted as a protected doc each Friday for reference by Volunteer Coordinator and Division Commissioners.  DC will ensure their coaches are moving through system, and will not confirm a coach until they are registered.
      4. Coach certification document will be posted as a protected doc each Friday for reference by the DC and RCA
    5. review coaches and referee signups.  Looks strained for coach signups, but still early in the registration process.
  6. Coach Training Courses - now calendarized
  7. Referee Training Courses - now calendarized