Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2012 06 12

:   New Programs, Spring Rec, Winter Camps, Spring Break Camps, U2-U4, El Palo Alto Tournament 

Reviewed Previous Board Minutes, Approved

Treasurer Report

Funds are building again.  Cash flow on target.  No surprises.  Will end up at end of year at what we projected at the beginning.

Standing Projects

  1. Uniforms - All divisions from U7 are now using the new uniforms.
  2. Simplified registration has reduced support needs.
  3. El Palo Alto Tournament went well.  No major glitches.  Lots of good fun had by all.  Loss of $2K, principally investing in equipment to support the Tournament.
  4. Volunteer Replacement - Critical positions - Permits Coordinator. 
  5. Fields - The city has changed the way fields are handled.  It is more difficult and confusing now.  Less flexibility.
  6. Elite Program