Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2012 02 08

posted Feb 9, 2012, 8:22 AM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 18, 2012, 8:36 PM ]

:   New Programs, Spring Rec, Winter Camps, Spring Break Camps, U2-U4, El Palo Alto Tournament 

Reviewed Previous Board Minutes, Approved

Treasurer Report

Now at the low point of our reserve for the year.  Have spent lots of money getting ready for new uniform system.  Should now start to see returns on that.  Cash flow on target.  No surprises.  Will end up at end of year at what we projected at the beginning.

Standing Projects

  1. Uniforms - new Spring Rec players will be using the new uniforms system.  Pushed down to U8.
  2. Simplified registration has reduced support needs.
  3. El Palo Alto Tournament registration is open.  Nearly half subscribed with only 1 week open in registration.  Christine will begin to promote the tournament to complete the roster.
  4. Winter camps worked out fine.  No issues.
  5. Spring Break Camps registration is open, will promote it soon.
  6. Spring Rec Program - registration much stronger than anticipated, Janet Wiener organizing the details of interlock, fields and cooperation with Sunnyvale.
  7. U2-U4 Program being prepared. Will not cause burden on current volunteers, run like our camps.
  8. Volunteer Replacement - some critical volunteer positions are opening up and we need to replace them.  Especially our goals and permits volunteers are leaving, with a lot of corporate knowledge. 
  9. U9/U10 Merger - it was decided to not attempt to merge U9/U10 at this time.  The issue can be re-visited during fall registration after looking at the numbers
  10. Referee course for Feb 26 is undersubscribed.  Need all those pending ref aspirants to enroll.
  11. Introduced topic of margin Spring Select and Spring Rec next year.  Some discussion.  No objections raised.  Steady merger will take place.  First public evidence of the change will be in October as we prepare for try-outs.
  12. VIP - registration and season will track with our Fall Program.  We will look at uniforms issue.  Volunteers need to sign up through WYS.
  13. Fields - Spring Rec was started up after the field allocations had been completed.  We are scrambling for fields.  The RC is totally confused and is relying on Spring Rec Producer to get it straight.   ;-)