Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2011 07 27

posted Sep 27, 2011, 9:13 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated Sep 27, 2011, 9:21 PM ]

:   Registration and Volunteers, Courses, National Games. 

Quorum Not Achieved - no votes taken

Previous Board Minutes 

Treasurer Report - routine financial position, on track with budget

Standing Projects

  1. Player Uniforms for Upper Division (U14-U19)
    1. Policy regarding take out / return (investigation thanks to Terrie Purpur)
      1. Little League takes $75 check as deposit against uniform return. uncashed check is returned when uniform is returned
      2. Knights football don't requrie deposit, but require signed form by parents.   They lose many each year.
      3. Knights store the uniforms in plastic bins by team
      4. Recommends collecting deposit check with player form, to receive uniform
  2. Coach Jerseys


  1. Registration - stats
  2. Refund policy will change to be net of $25, regardless of timing or amount.
  3. Volunteers - stats
  4. Courses - coach and referee
  5. Instructors
  6. National games lottery
      • Tier 1 - g12, g16, g19,b19 - g12 and b19 were taken away and given elsewhere, we have turned back g16
      • Tier 2 - g10,b10,b12,g14,b14,b16
  7. July 4 Program - could not do it, JLS field under renovation
  8. US Soccer - contract completed, they are on board
  9. Have added U10 tournament to season
  10. Have canceled U14 Regional Tournament, Palo Alto continues to host U14G Area Tournament