Palo Alto AYSO Board Minutes - 2011 09 28

posted Sep 29, 2011, 12:12 PM by AYSO26 Regional Commissioner   [ updated May 17, 2012, 12:49 PM ]

:   Season Opening Review, Uniforms, Trash. 

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Treasurer Report

Cash flow on target.  No surprises.  Will end up at end of year close to what we started with at the beginning.

Standing Projects

  1. Player Uniforms for Upper Division (U14-U19)
    1. Policy regarding take out / return (investigation thanks to Terrie Purpur)
      1. Little League takes $75 check as deposit against uniform return. uncashed check is returned
      2. Knights football don't requrie deposit, but require signed form by parents.   They lose many each year.
      3. Knights store the uniforms in plastic bins by team
      4. Recommends collecting deposit check with player form, to receive uniform
      5. Conclusion is that we will not at this time contemplate a control policy beyond tracking, and see if a problem develops.  
  2. Coach Jerseys - Supplying coach jerseys with certification rating on them is proving to raise awareness of coach certification and its importance.
  3. Spring Select Uniforms - a range of uniforms down to YXS is on hand, and will be used to determine the sizes of players to compose team kits of uniforms for Spring Select
  4. New Locker - A new locker has been procured for uniform storage and re-use
  5. Old Locker Configuration Change - the old locker has been upgraded with roll-out bins for more efficient equipment pickup/distribution and easier management of inventory


  1. Safety Report - We had one incident of a broken leg at U9, due to injury on playing structure after training.  Marc has generated the Incident Report and sent it to National.  Marc will initiate an email to coaches to ensure they know that the playground structures are a hazard for kids in soccer shoes and shin guards, and that we should not be permitting kids on the play structures.
  2. Registration
    1. Upswing in lower divisions
    2. U14 and up diminished
    3. Held every division to optimal team size
    4. Had to de-register perhaps a dozen players due to lack of positions
    5. About 175 drops, seems typical, drops being tracked starting this year
  3. Refund policy will change to be net of $25 regardless of timing or amount.
  4. Volunteers - stats, Coaches (6 waivers, and 3 not meeting standards in U5)
  5. Have added U10 tournament to season
  6. Have canceled U14 Regional Tournament, Palo Alto continues to host U14G Area Tournament
  7. City and 2 principals complained of trash at elementary schools during game day.  Gordon will generate email to parents asking for some more careful attention to this matter.
  8. SSC field encroachment
  9. Tournament (El Palo Alto) for Spring Select being investigated.  Would run same weekend as Fog Classic.
  10. Summary of Referee Training
    1. Special thanks to Dan Mahoney for his continued superb work managing the U8 Official classes
    2. We continue to require Safe Haven training and current year registration before we give out badges.  For attendees in the first two weeks this delayed badges less than last year, indicating improved registration procedures.  Late ref volunteers are still challenged.
    3. Selected polling of classes indicated strong interest in softcopy manuals.  However, when given the choice, refs tended to pick up the hardcopy manuals even though they knew they were on line
    4. The Basic Referee Online Companion Course was given for the first time this year.  The course is a good idea but must be matured.  A separate report covers this.
    5. We had great Referee Instructor turnout, with Rob Schreiber, Dan Mahoney, Lee Berg, Dave Whittum, Don Yates, Stephen Hansen, Ken Joye, Linval DePass, and Jim Ivey instructing courses, and Susan Kim handling equipment and uniforms.
    6. We estimate Region 26 has 200-225 referees
    7. Detail report is attached
AYSO26 Regional Commissioner,
Sep 29, 2011, 10:19 PM