Scholarship Procedure

This procedure is effective April 30, 2010.

The Scholarship Policy and accompanying application is online and published here.

This procedure is required for all scholarship applicants.  It institutes a "two signature" policy and establishes an audit trail.  The "two signature" aspect is accomplished because Google records who entered the approval information, based on the login.

When an applicant fills out the form the information is entered into a row in the spreadsheet, named Scholarship Application.  A notification is sent to the Registrar, Treasurer and RC.  The spreadsheet has three review columns at the far right, labeled Treasurer, RC and Registrar.  These columns are for their comments.

The application must be reviewed by the Registrar and any one of the Treasurer or RC.  The Registrar should review the applicant first and make a recommendation.  The RC or Treasurer can then concur with the recommendation.  If there is a question to be resolved or a reason for rejection, it should be entered into the appropriate box.  If the reviewer believes it should be approved, enter the word, 'approved' into the box.

Once the Scholarship Application is approved the Registrar then proceeds to inform the applicant of the decision, and takes the appropriate action with regard to registration and payment.