The primary role of the Registrar is to oversee the registration of players, review requests for scholarships, and review refunds for players withdrawing.  Most work is performed using a browser and email.

The Registrar answers questions by email from parents during the sign-up period.  Most of the questions are routine and are actually answered in the FAQs, in which case, direct the parents there.  Otherwise, the Registrar answers the question or forwards the question to the appropriate staff member for follow up.

The Registrar's duties are year round, checking once a month most of the year.  During sign-up for the Fall Programs, and somewhat for the Spring Programs, the Registrar is busier, principally answering questions about registration.

The Registrar is a member of the Regional Board and attends six 90-minute meetings during the year, and reports on registration issues and progress.


Registrar eMail Account

Receiving and Answering Questions

Registration FAQ

Looking Up a Player Record

Adjusting a Player Record

Refund Policy & Form

Dropping a Player from Refund Form

Dropping a Player from DC Request