Select Division Commissioner

The Select Division Commissioner (SDC) administrates the assignment of the coaches and players in our system.  The coaches are appointed by the Select Program Producer, and the coaches choose the players, and communicates the information to the Select Division Commissioner.


Facilitate communication with tryout parents by forwarding email from tryout coaches to the division.  This is done in the period of Oct 15 to Nov 15.  Most communications are directly by the coach, but sometimes a general message must be forwarded.

Appoint coaches in each division.  Select Producer chooses the coaches around November 1, and communicates to the Select Division Commissioner the choices.  

Assign players to the Spring Select Teams.  As the coaches choose, and players accept, the coaches inform the Select Division Commissioner to make the assignment.

After the Spring Select Teams are formed, drop the remaining players from the season.

During the season, there may be ad hoc requests for player changes.


eMail Address
Communications are performed using the domain eMail address,  This is a gmail account, accessed by logging in at  All SDC communications should be done using this account.  Do not use your personal account for league communications.  You can get the password from the administrator.

Division Commissioner Privileges
To appoint coaches you first login to the system.  Be sure to login to the Select season.  Once logged in, you should see a menu such as this on the left side of the page.  If you do not have the Div Coord menu item, then you need to email the Program Producer to provision your account with Division Commissioner privileges.

Selecting a Division
To make changes to coach or player assignments you first choose the division.  Do this by clicking on Div Coord and then on Select Division.  Choose the division from the pop-up box.

eMail a Division
Click on Email in the menu, choose the address target.  Generally, we do not send email directly to players.  When you address an email, be sure to put the addresses in the BCC line of your email to avoid exposing persons private email addresses to everyone on the email.

eMail all Coaches, or Team Managers, or Parents
Click on Board, then Send Email.  Click on the button, NOREPLY. In Address Panel, check the box for the season, select the boxes for the positions you are sending the email to, presumably Coach and Assistant Coach, then select All.  In the subject line, always put PaloAltoAYSO:, and then your subject line.  Enter the text of your message into the Body, and then click the button, SUBMIT.

Appoint Coaches
After selecting a division, as shown above, click on Coaches.  There are links to Promote parents and Volunteers to a Coach position.  Some volunteers are not parents, in which case you have to use the Promote Volunteer to Coach link.  If you cannot find the person it may mean that the person has not registered, and you need to send an email to that person and the telling them you cannot find the person in the system.  Use the Manage Coaches link to assign as a coach or assistant coach.

Assign Coaches and Players to Teams
Click on Team Formation on the menu.  Set the number of teams. Skip over the Zone settings, these are for Instructional Seasons.  Click the button, Continue with Team Formation.  Use the button, Manually Place Coaches and Assistants.  To move players onto teams, use the button, Manually Manipulate Teams.  Click on a player's name and you will get a pop-up box.  Use this box to move a player to a team, move a player back to the available list, or to request to drop the player from the season.  The registrar will follow up on players where you have requested a drop.