Shoe Swap Coordinator

Each year the shoe swap coordinator provides an opportunity for parents to trade in their soccer shoes for another pair.  Children quickly outgrow their soccer shoes, usually faster than they wear them out, especially for the younger kids.  The shoe swap coordinator sets aside a drop box with a range of days to deposit shoes, and a range of days to pick up shoes in exchange.  Likewise, shin guards may be dropped off and traded up for a larger set.  See Shoe Swap.
The shoe swap coordinator sets out a box, typically in their side-year, where parents can drop off shoes and take a ticket.  The ticket permits them to come back later and pick up a pair of shoes.

The drop box must be small and emptied often, with the bulk of the shoes stored in the garage.  
Announce the Days to the Parents by eMail
  1. login to
  2. on the left menu use Board / Send Email
  3. click on your email address in the middle of the page
  4. select this year's Fall program in the top left, Season box
  5. select All Parents in the top right, Position box
  6. select All in the All Parent Filters
  7. enter AYSO:  Shoe Swap in the Subject line
  8. enter your message in the Body
  9. double check all your settings
  10. click the Submit button
  11. you can see the job in the queue.  at this point you can delete the job or let it continue, you have a couple of minutes to decide before the email job is processed.
Enter the Drop Off Days in the Regional Calendar
  1. goto
  2. click Sign in at the very bottom of the page and login into the shoeswap regional account
  3. click the Google Calendar logo at the bottom right
  4. you should now see a calendar page that you can edit
  5. navigate to the day you want to put your event
  6. click in the day and click Edit Event Details
  7. Enter a title such as, Shoe Swap Drop Off
  8. Click the Repeat box and ensure you have it repeating daily for the date range you want it to
  9. Put the address into the Where Box
  10. make sure the Calendar is "Palo Alto AYSO Region 26"
  11. enter a description to provide instructions to the parent
  12. click the purple colored box
  13. click the Save button
  14. click the Back to Calendar link
  15. Your events should be in the calendar
Enter the Pick Up Days in the Regional Calendar
Follow the same instructions for Drop Off, except enter a different date range and different instructions.