Tournament Director - El Palo Alto

The AYSO El Palo Alto invitational tournament is set-up and run by the Tournament Director.  The plan is set, the Tournament Director executes the plan and provides a marvelous opportunity for our Spring Select teams to play in a home tournament.  The Tournament Director appoints several positions to assist.

December:  5 hours
January:     5 hours
February:    2 hours
March:        10 hours
April:          15 hours
Sequence of Setup

  1. Communicate with to ensure the needed fields are booked
  2. Review and submit the authorization documents to AYSO
  1. Update web site
  2. Register to Section 2
  3. Use the group alias to announce the Tournament to the various personnel in the regions around us
  4. Receive and review applications from teams.
    1. update the spreadsheet Team Management sheet
    2. update the page showing team registration status
  1. Continue to register teams
  2. Work with to line up sponsors
  3. Set the schedule/participation with Earthquakes
  4. Order pins and trophies
  5. Prepare the welcome packet
  1. Finalize attending teams to tournament by March15
  2. Set up the game schedule, customized per division
  3. Set up the referee signup system
  4. send the Tournament welcome packet to the teams
  5. Line up volunteer crews for field setup
  6. Coordinate with hospitality team for delivery of refreshments
  7. Marketing
    1. sponsors lined up
      1. Peets
      2. Jamba Juice
      3. Whole Foods
      4. Alexander's Steakhouse
      5. Earthquakes
    2. refreshments/lunch for the referees
  1. open the game cards to the coaches to fill in the rosters
  2. edit the Tournament doc to seed the teams
  3. ensure each coach knows their field responsibility
  4. Prepare online score sheets, game schedules, advancement calculator
  5. prepare the Field Marshal Binders.  The Field Marshal Binder is attached, but needs updating for current year changes.  After updating it, replace the current attachment.
    1. Instructions Sheet
      1. Overview of Dutites
      2. Tournament Check=in Procedure
      3. Coach procedure sheet
      4. Team check in procedure
      5. Game card acceptance procedure
      6. Call in procedure and script
      7. sportsmanship procedure
    2. Game Schedules
    3. Contact Sheet
    4. Referee Check in/Contact Sheet
      1. Referee procedure sheet
      2. referee schedule
    5. Coach check in/contact sheet
    6. Approved rosters
    7. Round Tournament Stickers for ID Cards
    8. Game Cards
    9. Blank Player Forms/Medical Releases
    10. Volunteer Schedule
  6. hold a Field Marshall's training meeting to brief the Marshalls and distribute the official rosters and referee schedule
    1. book a room
    2. have materials
  7. Thursday before tournament, prepare the game cards
Running the Tournament
  1. Ensure teams setup the fields
    1. nets out each morning/locked up at end of day
    2. field marshal tent is set up + materials delivered
    3. referee early morning refreshment is delivered
  2. Each Field Marshall should check in with their setup status at 7:15 am, address any issues
  3. As game results are phoned in, update the online tournament spreadsheet

After the Tournament
  1. Ensure all items are put back in locker and fields are restored
  2. Review expenses and accounting with Treasurer
  3. File any documents