Team Manager

The Team Manager manages the team uniforms and appoints other parents for duties such as managing the team snack schedule or tournament bookings.  

The coach is the team leader, and the Team Manager performs much of the team administration, permitting the coach to focus on the soccer.  The Spring Select and Fall Elite Team Manager has the additional duty of sending team pictures to the Player ID Coordinator so that ID badges can be made.

Only One
There must only be one Team Manager appointed for the team, or the software will not work correctly.  Unfortunately, the software permits appointing more than one team manager to a team, and then does not function correctly after that.

Once your coach has appointed you as Team Manager, new menu items will appear when you login to your account.  The new items are under the menu, Team Manager.
  • Team Info
    • Shows roster and parents on the team
    • Enter team information, such as player jersey numbers and practice time and location.  Instructions are on this page if you need help.
  • Team Schedule
    • Shows you the scheduled games
    • Manage the snack assignment list by assigning parents to the games
  • The following tasks can be delegated to a parent
    • For Spring Select and Fall Elite teams, take a picture of each player and coach with a cell phone or digital camera and email them to the Player ID Coordinator, in a single email for the whole team.  Be sure to name the photos with the person's name, and identify your team in the subject line
    • Ensure each parent provides signed player forms, and the coach and each assistant coach keeps a copy for each team event, especially practices and games
    • Appoint parent to make team banner, or get one from the equipment locker, if a team banner is desired
    • Appoint a parent to coordinate season-end activities, perhaps a party or pizza on the last game day.  NOTE:  DO NOT PERMIT KIDS TO WEAR UNIFORMS DURING PARTY OR PIZZA
  • You must be appointed by the Coach in WYS
  • You must be a registered volunteer
  • You must be Safe Haven certified with AYSO 30 minute online course
  • You must take the online AYSO's CDC Concussion Awareness course, 20 minutes

Location of Uniform Locker

To get to the locker, drive east on Embarcadero Rd. toward the Palo Alto airport.  Opposite the airport, on the right side of Embarcadero, is a small street named Embarcadero Way.  The locker complex is at the end of Embarcadero Way, on the left.

Park on the street outside of the locker complex and walk into the locker area.  Walk all the way around to the far side of the complex, following the fence.

Uniforms - The Team Kit - Overview
Each team has a designated Team Uniform Kit that is picked up from the locker at the beginning of the season and returned at the end of the season, by the Team Manager.

The Team Kit may have more uniforms than is needed by your team. This is to accommodate the size variations of players from season to season. Each Kit has a Team Uniform Tally Sheet when you pick it up. If not, download and print the attached PDF.

In general, you can get a replacement for a damaged or missing jersey from the locker during a Locker Event. See the home page calendar widget for the days.


Pickup Procedure
Typical time, 10 minutes.
At the beginning of the season you pick up your Team Kit from the Uniform Locker.  The Uniform Locker is open for pickup at specific times that can be seen in the Regional Calendar (see the home page, calendar widget on right hand side).  The events are titled Locker Event.

Click on the event in the calendar to get specific instructions as to time and location.  To pick up your team bag or make adjustments, you must know your division, gender and team number.

As soon as you get your Team Kit, print and fill out the tally sheet in the bag.  There is a blank form attached at the bottom of this page, in case you need it.  Write on the tally sheet the sizes and jersey numbers of all the uniforms before you go to distribute the uniforms.

At the first team practice is a good time to distribute the uniforms.  Remind your players and parents that the uniforms are to be returned at the end of the season, in good condition.  Have your players stand in a line, organized by height.  Then place the uniforms out in size order.  Hopefully you will have all the sizes you need for your team.  Write the name of the player next to the jersey number on your tally sheet.  You will need to enter the jersey number later, for each player on the roster. 

If you are short of a size or have damaged jerseys, go to the next locker session with your tally sheet and damaged jerseys (both colors).  The locker crew can give you additional uniforms with numbers that do not duplicate any already on your tally sheet.

Return Procedure
Typical time, 15 minutes.
At the end of the season, ask the parents to launder the uniform and return the jerseys and shorts to you (not the socks).  Fold the white and blue jerseys of the same number together.  You do not need to tie them together or create bundles.  If there are any returned that appear to have an issue, such as torn, number coming off or food stains, note the number and color of the problem jersey on your tally sheet, and keep the damaged uniforms at the top of the kit for easy inspection.

Use your tally form to record problems with uniforms returned to you. 

When you have all your uniforms, return them to the locker at a Locker Event.  Enter on foot by the third gate and walk around the back to the far corner to the left of the locker complex.  Take out your tally sheet and review it with the locker crew.  Point out any issues in your kit such as any missing, damaged or stained uniforms.  The locker crew will note the problems and fix the contents of the kit to make it ready for next season.

Additional References for PASS (Spring Select)
Team Manager Administration Guide is Here

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