The primary role of the Treasurer is to manage the bank account, report our finances at board meetings, and write checks.  The treasurer tags our payment and deposit entries in our bank account to produce summary reports.  

The Treasurer produces our budget in the spring by taking the previous year's budget and adjusting it with input from the Board. Generally, our budget is a single page and does not change significantly from year to year.  Once the Board approves the budget the Treasurer submits it to Area and National AYSO.

The Treasurer has duties all year, but is most busy nearing the end of fall registration and during Spring Select startup.  This means July, August, January & February.  These are the busiest periods for writing checks.

In May the Auditor reviews the bank account, receipts and all transactions for the year to prepare a report to National AYSO.  Almost all of Palo Alto AYSO transactions are electronic, so the Treasurer has little work to do, other than answering clarifying questions regarding payments or receipts.

The Treasurer is a member of the Regional Board and attends the six 90 minute meetings during the year, and during which any variances to budget or oddities in finance should be reported.


Information and forms for the Treasurer to deal with National AYSO can be found  here

Palo Alto AYSO vendor accounts are listed in this document

Parents pay their registration fees either through our registration software or by check.  If through our registration software, the funds are automatically transfered into our bank account periodically.  If by check, they are received in our PO Box and deposited. 

Checks for the Fall Program are collected from the PO Box and processed for registration by the CVPA and CVPA helpers.  The checks are then deposited into the bank account directly. 

Checks for the Spring Select and Elite teams are collected by the coaches from their participating parents and mailed to the PO Box.  The deposit must then be credited to the team in the Spring Select accounting sheet.  The coach should have entered a deposit request to his account.  You now confirm the deposit was made.  To do this:

  1. Login to using
  2. Locate the corresponding deposit request (likely near the bottom of the spreadsheet. 
  3. If there is no request for the deposit, email the coach to enter one before proceeding with that update.
  4. Check that the amount of the request matches the actual deposit.  It should be a negative number, indicating that it is a deposit, not a payment.  If the amount matches but is a positive number, simply make it negative in the spreadsheet.  If it does not match, adjust the deposit request amount and send an email to the coach informing him of the adjustment.
  5. Enter the word "Deposited" into the purple column.

Board Meetings
Make a treasury report for board meeting.  Simple budget variance statement is sufficient, pointing out any variances and reasons.

Report to AYSO National
The bank account statement is sent to national by the bank, each month.  Ensure the entries are tagged with the Chart of Accounts category in the bank register prior to the statement close each month.  
Check Request Processing (twice a month)
  1. Login to
  2. Open the forms showing check requests.  For Regional business this form, for Spring Select, this form, and for Elite, this form.
  3. Note that you should be focused on the tab, Master in both the Select and Elite forms.  The other tabs are calculated from the Master tab.
  4. For each check request there must be a receipt.  For emailed receipts check the email account at with the login of  Each entry for a check request should have an accompanying receipt email with the indicated subject line.
  5. If there is a discrepancy between the receipt and the amount in the request spreadsheet, or the receipt is not present, send an email to the requestor asking for clarification.
  6. Check requests must be approved for disbursement.  For requests that are approved (as evidenced by the columns to the right on the spreadsheet), issue the check.
  7. Enter the check number into the spreadsheet in the purple column.
  8. Only column O should be modified by Treasurer.
Refund Processing (monthly)
The refunds are listed in WebYouthSoccer.  
  1. Login, selecting the correct season
  2. Click on the Registration menu
  3. Click on the Exec menu
  4. Click on Drops/Refunds
  5. For each person not yet processed, issue the check and click the SENT button.
Reconciliation (monthly)
  • Login to the Bank of America
  • Process each transaction, tagging it with the appropriate category and tag.  The category is taken from the Chart of Accounts.
  • Check that all entries are tagged appropriately.

Payment to AYSO National (monthly)
  • Log in to eAYSO.
  • Go to Region / Treasurer / Invoice on the menu
  • This lists the outstanding invoices, for which you write a check per invoice

Budget Submission (annually) 
Make a budget proposl for the Board Meeting in March, and a final budget for the Regional Board meeting in April.  Send the approved budget to AYSO National by May 1.