U10 Regional Tournament
First Saturday in December

Parents, Players, Referees and Coaches

We wish for our players and parents to have lots of fun at the Tournament. It is a time for fun competitition amongst our Palo Alto AYSO friends. We have a great reputation for fun competition. It is a legacy we want to build on and promote.  The Tournament Director will manage the day's activities.  There are two Tournament Directors, one for boys and one for girls, both reachable at u10tournament@ayso26.org.  The Tournament will last most of the day, the first Saturday of December.

Conflicting Schedule
A game was scheduled for this day in the original schedule.  It will be replaced with the Tournament game schedule once the rankings from the regular season are known.

The Tournament will proceed in rain unless the City of Palo Alto closes the fields.  The Grass Fields status box to the upper left of this web site will indicate the Field Status.  If the fields are closed after the Tournament starts, the Tournament Director will be notified, and the Tournament Director will terminate the Tournament.

Tournament Format

The Tournament will consist of pool play.  The teams will be divided into two pools and the teams distributed to balance the strength of the competition according to the season rankings.  Each team will play three games within their pool.  The top two finishers in each pool will will be awarded medals.

Game Format

Each game is two, 11-minute halves and a 3-minute half-time break. Substitutions are permitted at the quarter.

Games are in 30 minute slots, and must stay within their slot. Each team must clear the field before the end of their slot and make way for the next teams, regardless of the status of their own game, team cheer, etc. The referee is to ensure the field is cleared before the end of the slot.


The team is to assemble and be checked in off-field, 15 minutes before game start.  At the beginning of the game slot the teams will take the field promptly and the referee will begin the game.  

The Home team will kick off from the north or west side.

2 minutes before substitution time, players going on for the next quarter will assemble near the center of the touchline and be ready to go on.  When the referee calls for substitutions, the coach will shout the names of the players coming off.  Those players will run quickly to the center area of the touch line and high-five the player replacing them.  The new player will then run to his position.  All other players will remain in their position on the field, not moving around.  Substitutions should take no more than 15 seconds.

At the end of the game the two teams will promptly move off-field to the assembly area, where they will congratulate their opponents for a good game, and thank the referees for their service.  Players and coaches will participate.


The assembly area for Seale Park is the grass area between the field and the bathrooms.  The assembly area for Greer 4 is the grass area near the sidewalk, at the south end of the field.

Parents and spectators will observe the game on the west side of the field.  Teams, with their coaches, will play from the east side of the field.  For Greer 4, north is the freeway, and for Seale Park, north is toward the bathrooms.  Only coaches wearing an official coach jersey, and players in uniform may be on the east side of the field.


The top two teams in each pool will receive medals.  They will be given to the coach of the winning teams at the end of the last game.  If the team and coach have already left the field, they may be picked up at the locker by the coach when the team equipment is returned.

Team Rankings Calculation

Points are awarded to teams during the season to determine seed position in the Tournament.  The teams will be entered into the Game Scoreboard in seeded order.

Points earned in the tournament are awarded according to the following schedule, and then normalized to exclude Elite team games or byes that were inserted to round-out a bracket:

  • 6 points for a win
  • 3 points for a tie
  • 1 point for each goal (3 points maximum per game)
  • 1 point for a shutout
  • 0 points for a forfeit, bye for the opponent
  • -1 point for each goal more than 4 in the differential.  If a team wins by 5 goals they receive -1 point, if by 6 goals, they receive -2 points, etc.
If there are teams tied in points and it is necessary to decide rank, the following rules will apply in the listed order until one team is ranked higher:
  1. If the teams competed and one won, that team ranks higher
  2. else, the team with the largest total goal differential ranks higher, excluding games where the goal differential exceeded 4
  3. else, the team with the fewest goals-against ranks higher, providing precedence to a team that played fewer games
  4. else, a coin is tossed by the Tournament Director


Coach and Referee


Read the General Information to the left, first.

Referee Game Assignments
Referees can see the games and assignments at this page.  Referees will be assigned to games such that they may AR their own team, and CR other teams.  To request being assigned to games send an email to u10_tournament@ayso26.org and state your availability to officiate.  You will be signed up for multiple games, at least 4, to ensure we get full coverage for all the games.

Game Cards - Coach

Coach must print 3 copies of a blank game card.  Bring all 3 copies to the Tournament, and give one to the CR for each of your games.

Game Cards - Referee

The coach will supply a game card to you.  At the end of the game you will sign the card and promptly call in the game results to the scorekeeper.  The Palo Alto AYSO voicemail number is 650 735 1493.  When calling, you state your name and return phone number, the field, the scheduled game start time, the home team name and score, and the visiting team name and score, and any cautions or send-offs during the game.  Any issues can also be stated.

Team Check-In Procedure

Teams will assemble for check-in 15 minutes before game time.  Check the team in and ensure they take the field promptly at their game start time.  Check-in can be performed by any referee or the Tournament Director, or designee.

Game Slots

The game slots must be observed under all circumstances.  CR must ensure the teams start promptly and clear the field BEFORE the end of their game slot.  

Referee is responsible to ensure, and Coaches must assist,

  • parents are on west side of field, coach and team is on east side of field
  • no coaching the player on the ball
  • minimal coaching overall
  • substitution protocol is followed carefully and kept to 15 seconds
  • bad throw-ins result in loss of ball to opposing team, no redo
  • headers are called as dangerous play
  • coach stays in the technical area, defined as 1 yard from the touchline extending from the center to the outer edge of the center circle
  • team is to be behind the coach