U12 Regional Tournament - the last Saturday before Thanksgiving 

All teams from the regular season play in the Regional Tournament

Winning Regional Tournament teams advance
to the Silicon Valley Area 2A Tournament

1 Area Tournament team advances to the Section 2 Pacific Northwest Tournament

The Regional Tournament will be held at Greer Park, and last all day.  
The B12 and G12 tournaments occur simultaneously.

Online Tournament Scoreboard:   Boys     Girls

General Information
Parents, Players, Referees and Coaches

We wish for our players and parents to have lots of fun at the Tournament. It is a time for fun competition amongst our Palo Alto AYSO friends. We have a great reputation for fun competition. It is a legacy we want to build on and promote.  The Tournament will last most of the day, the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.  

Conflicting Game Schedule
When the original Game Schedule was set up, a game was scheduled for this day.  This game will be replaced with the Tournament schedule once the rankings from regular play are known.

Tournament Officials
The Tournament Director will manage the day's activities, and keep track of points earning during the day.Tournament Officials will be wearing bright, multi-colored pinnies.  All disputes or issues will be determined by the Tournament Director. Instructions from Tournament Officials must be adhered to.

Tournament Duties - Team Manager

Each team is assigned tournament duties during a specific time period.  The duties are assigned according to seed positions, so it is not possible to know your team's duties until seeding occurs in the Online Tournament Scoreboard.  The Team Manager will organize the volunteers to fulfill the Team's Duties.  If your team is unable to perform your assigned duties contact the Tournament Director right away, well before Tournament Day.

The Tournament will proceed in rain unless the City of Palo Alto closes the fields.  The Field Status box in the upper left of this website will indicate the Field Status.  If the fields are closed after the start, the Tournament Director will be notified, in which case the Tournament Director will terminate the Tournament.  If the Tournament is rained out, the regular season standings will be used to determine the teams that advance to the Area Tournament.

Team Ranking

All teams from the regular season will compete.  These teams are ranked according to the results from regular season play.  Failure to have entered game card information during the season will result in incorrect ranking.  Incorrect data entered during the season will also spoil the ranking and the balancing of players onto teams next year.

Tournament Format

The first game starts at 8am and the Tournament proceeds all day.  The Tournament will consist of pool play leading to a championship round in the late afternoon.  Each team will play 4 games in pool play.  The teams will be divided into two pools and the teams distributed to to the pools to balance the strength of the competition according to the season rankings.  The top two finishers in each pool will advance to the Championship Round.  Of the four that advance, the two with the most points will compete for 1st and 2nd place, and the two next will compete for 3rd and 4th place.  All four championship teams will receive Tournament Medals.

Game Slots

Each game slot is 40 minutes, and the games on each field are back-to-back.  Each game must start promptly on time and end on time, and the team needs to clear off the field quickly to make way for the next game.  Referees must clear the field at least 2 minutes before the end of the game slot for the next teams to take the field.

Game Format

Each game is two, 15 minute halves with a 3 minute break between halves.  Substitutions may be made at 7 minutes into each half, with 15 second substitution pauses.  Coaches need to have their substitutions ready and standing at center field 2 minutes before the substitution pause, and players not being substituted remain on the field at their positions.  Substituted players come off the field at the center and high-five the player onto the field that is substituting.  Play resumes after 15 seconds, whether your players are on the field or not.  All substituting stops when the game restarts.  The game clock runs according to the schedule and does not stop for any reason.  Injuries or other usual reasons for stoppage of play does not stop the tournament game clock.  Lost time due to such stoppages is simply, lost time.


A lunch break is scheduled for 12:00 to 12:40.  No team plays both immediately before and immediately after the lunch break, so each team gets at least the 40 minute lunch break plus 40 minutes as a total break.

Keeper Wars

Each team may nominate up to 2 players to represent their team in the Keeper Wars.  Coaches must register and check in their Keeper Wars contestants at the Tournament Table at the same time they check in their team.  Click the blue heading for detailed instructions and a sample video of what Keeper Wars looks like.

U12 Area Tournament - Silicon Valley

Usually, the top ranked four teams from the Regional Tournament advance to the Area Tournament, held the first Saturday in December.  The number of teams that advance will vary from year to year depending on the Area Tournament format.  The U12 Area Tournaments are usually hosted in neighboring regions.  Palo Alto hosts the U14G Area Tournament.

U12 Section Tournament - Pacific Northwest

Usually one team from the Area 2A advances to the Section Tournament in Foster City the following weekend.


Coach and Referee 


Read the General Information to the left, first.

Tournament Table & Location

The Tournament is at Greer Park, near the picnic tables between Greer 3 and the parking lot. Throughout the day, the game results will be posted online and on a whiteboard at the Tournament Table.

Referee Game Assignments
Referees are assigned to games in the Tournament in the usual manner by the Referee Coordinator.

Coach Check-in & Game Cards
Coaches must check-in at the Tournament Table 45 minutes prior to their first game.  Coach will present the 4 game cards of the scheduled game, and one extra copy of the last game card, for a total of 5 game cards.  Players not attending the Tournament should already by crossed out.  Coach must be wearing official coach jersey with certification at U12 or above.  Coach will sign the check-in sheet.

Referee Check-In & Game Cards
You must check in at the Tournament Table at least 20 minutes before your first game assignment.  Be sure to provide the needed contact information on the check-in sheet.  For each game the Coach will provide a game card with each checked-in player initialed by the Tournament Director.  After each game, initial and return the completed game card to the Tournament Table, or a Tournament Official.  Game card results are not entered into WYS.

Coach and Team Check-In

Players must check-in 30 minutes prior to their first game, also at the Tournament Table.  Coaches will assemble their team in an area near between the Tournament Table and the dog run, at least 10 yards away from the Tournament Table.  Teams will be checked in at the Tournament Table, once only for the day, not at the field and not for each game.  The players will be marked as checked-in on the Game Cards and the Game Cards will be returned to the coaches.  The coach must provide the checked-in Game Card to the referee for each game, and retrieve the initialed game card from the referee at the end of each game, and turn it into the Tournament Table for recording the results.

Late Check-In

If a player comes late to the Tournament the coach must bring the player and the remaining game cards to the Tournament Table to get the player checked-in.  A late player may not join an already started game.

Team Assembly

Each team must assemble 15 minutes prior to their game in the assembly area near the game field and warm up for the game.  Be sure everyone is ready to take the field and start their game right at their game start time.  The clock for the game will start running at the appointed time, whether the players are ready or not.  Assembly areas are:

Greer 1 - South end, across sidewalk

Greer 2 - North end, toward freeway

Greer 3 - Southwest end near kids play area

Greer 4 - South end near the sidewalk

Greer 5 - Southwest end near the sidewalk

Team Rankings Calculation

Points are awarded according to the following schedule, normalized for a bye or forfeit:

  • 6 points for a win
  • 3 points for a tie
  • 1 point for each goal (3 maximum per game)
  • 1 point for a shutout
  • 0 points for a forfeit, bye for the opponent
  • -1 points for a send off, whether player or coach
  • -1 point for each goal differential over 4, for example, if the score differential is 5, -1 point, if the score differential is 6, -1 points.
If there are two teams tied in points and it is necessary to decide ranking, the following rules will apply in the listed order until one team is ranked higher:
  1. If the teams competed and one won, that team ranks higher
  2. else, the team with the largest goal differential ranks higher
  3. else, the team with the fewest goals-against ranks higher, with normalization to a team that played fewer games
  4. else, a coin is tossed by the Tournament Director

Championship Matches

Tie games will go into overtime of two 5-minute halves.  If still tied at the end of the overtime, then the teams will go into a PK overtime of 5 goal attempts by the players that participated in the overtime play.  If still tied at the end of the 5 attempts, then the play will go into a sudden death PK shootout, where a goal differential of 2, wins.