Keeper Wars

Great Fun !!

2 Minute 1:1  -  Single Elimination Ladder

Keeper   vs   Keeper

See sample video at bottom.

Coaches of teams competing in the tournament may nominate two players to compete in the Keeper Wars. 

Registration and Check In
All contestants for the Keeper Wars, with their coach, must be registered and checked in at at the Tournament Table at least 30 minutes prior to the event. No exceptions.  For teams checking in for the Tournament early in the morning, It is recommended that you nominate your contestants at that time.  For coaches not competing in the tournament, it is recommended that you register you contestants at least an hour before the event.  All contestants must be wearing their AYSO uniform, shin guards and cleats.  Running shoes are permitted.

Cheer for All the Keepers
Contestants need to supercharge their energy for these games.  Cheering helps. 

Keeper Wars Overview

  • 1-on-1 single elimination bracket format.
  • Two opposing goal keepers attempt to score on each other in a two-minute match. The first player to score three goals, or the highest score at the end of two minutes, wins the match. If there is a tie, the match will continue until one player scores.
  • Each keeper must remain on their half of the "field".  If any part of their body crosses the center line, the shot is discounted.
  • The ball may be thrown, punted, drop kicked, kicked, punched, headed or otherwise propelled.
  • Each keeper has 6 seconds to play from time of possession

At the bottom of the page are the instructions for persons with Keeper Wars Duties.