U12 Tournament Management Details

As the Tournament Director, you are the final arbiter at the Tournament.  Everyone relies on you to make the event happen, including supervising your volunteer helpers.  If you are getting overwhelmed and need more help, call on the Regional Commissioner.

Detailed Instructions
  1. In June, log into your Regional eMail account, u12tournament@ayso26.org.  Check for any outstanding emails that may have been sent already.  All emails regarding the tournament should be originated and received by this account.
  2. In early June, send an eMail to permits@ayso26.org to ensure Greer fields 1,2,3 and 4 are reserved all day for the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.
  3. In July, email the equipment@ayso26.org to check the locker inventory for ribbons for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter to present to the teams.  You need 30 of each to have enough for each player and the coaches and assistant coaches.  If there are not enough, email the equipment@ayso26.org to replenish the inventory.  The Crown Awards order is attached to this page for reference purposes, and can be forwarded to the equipment manager.
  4. In August, recruit an assistant to help with the referees and the planning.  Your assistant may have already been recruited for you through the WYS volunteering page.  Confirm the Director Assistant, and if the person is declining to serve, ask the volunteer_coord@ayso26.org to clear the Assistant from the assignment in WYS, permitting another person to volunteer.
  5. In August, enter the game slots into WYS for the tournament. This is most easily accomplished by asking the Game Scheduler to download the file, U12 Tournament Games Load, from this page.  Be sure to ask the Game Scheduler to alter the file for the correct date after downloading it.  This action creates game slots with teams 28 and 29, not the correct teams, since we will not know the correct teams until end of season.  In the meantime, these faux games can be seen and booked by the referees.
  6. In early September send an email to the refcoord_u12@ayso26.org indicating the need for referees for the day.  State that there will be 4 fields starting from 8 am to 5 pm with a game start every 45 minutes, and that the games have been entered into WYS, but with bogus team numbers until seeding from the regular season is known.
  7. In late September, send the attached U12 Tournament Email to g12@ayso26.org and b12@ayso26.org, to forward to their coaches.  The email provides overview information to the coaches.
  8. In early November, arrange to be able to update the online scoring spreadsheet at the field, or to be able to phone someone who will enter the information during the day.  It is common practice to designate a person who can remain online and can receive phone calls to do the updates.  The person who updates the spreadsheets must also click the "Publish Now" button to push the information to the web.
  9. In Novermber, on the Sunday before the tournament, setup the standings by following the instructions on the right side of this page, Transfer Season Standing from WYS.  All game cards must be entered into WYS prior to the transfer.  After completing this procedure inform the two DCs so that they may communicate the information to the coaches.
  10. In November, on the Sunday before the tournament, send the attached eMail, U12 Tournament Referee Email to the refcoord_u12@ayso26.org, asking to forward the email to the referees that may be officiating the tournament.  Also ask whether all the games are covered with referees.
  11. Before Game Day, arrange for bottled water and a variety of sandwiches and chips for the referees.  The water and sandwiches should be available all day.  Typically a variety of half sandwiches from Subway works.  Note:  It is easiest to purchase these items yourself and then use the online Reimbursement Form to get repaid.
  12. Before Game Day, get the needed awards, the white board, and the rest of the tournament kit from the equipment locker.  Print the Coach Check-in Sheet, attached to this page.  You may need help moving the equipment.
  13. Game Day Rain Conditions.  If the Palo Alto Fields are closed and rain is forecast, email the Division Commissioners and coaches to cancel the Tournament.  If the fields are open but it looks like rain, start the Tournament, but phone the rain hotline hourly (329-2697, press 1).  If the fields close, stop the Tournament immediately.  Notify the referees that the city has closed the fields, all games must terminate immediately, and the Tournament will not resume.
  14. On Saturday Game Day at 7 AM, attend Greer Park
    1. At 7:00 am, set up the tournament table
    2. The Assistants help check in the teams
      1. coach assembles team prior to check-in
      2. coach provides game cards for their games
      3. coach checks in, Coach Check-in Sheet
      4. check the players jersey numbers with roster
      5. cross out players not present
      6. check each player for regulation shoes, uniform, shin guards, no banned items such as earrings, studs, watches, etc
      7. initial the game cards and return them
    3. Administer the ladder, updating as Game Cards are collected.  If a Game Card is overdue, ask the Assistant to track it down.  If Game Card cannot be located, ask the two coaches of the game in question, what the score was.
  15. On Saturday Game Day at 4 PM, ensure all Game Cards are collected, update the statistics.  Gather the teams, announce the winners and present the awards to the coaches.  The coaches present the awards to the individual players.
  16. End of Game Day
    1. Leave the spreadsheet completed for follow up
    2. Knock down table and white board and return it to locker.  If you are going to need help moving the equipment back to the locker, send an email to the DCs to appeal for some helpers with a pickup.

Accessing Tournament Spreadsheets
The spreadsheets you need to run the tournament are pre-made in the regional Google docs.  Go to http://docs.ayso26.org and sign into the u12tournament@ayso26.org account.  One the left panel is Collections shared with me, and a list of folders underneath.  One of those folders is Tournaments.  Open that folder and you will see the folder U12 Tournament, containing the spreadsheets.  There are master copies of the spreadsheet to copy the needed cells from if the working spreadsheets get damaged.  

Transfer Season Standings from WYS
The season standings in WYS are available to the DC.  Email the two DCs, b12@ayso26.org and g12@ayso.org to send you the standings after the game cards have all been entered. 

Now enter the team number and name into the Purple area in column B.  Be sure to erase the team names from last year.

This will show you the teams playing in each game and on each field.  Now update the games in WYS with the correct team numbers from the pool play table.  The instructions for updating game information is on this page.

The Tournament Spreadsheet
The steps below are to be performed on both the B12 and G12 Tournament spreadsheets.
  1. Select the light purple boxes C14 to D19, and clear any entries by selecting the menu Edit / Delete Values.  Repeat this for the other three light purple areas.
  2. In row 45 there are 4 wide cells at columns B,E,F,I.  Enter the text, "Team Name" into those four cells.
  3. In the purple area titled, "Team Name", enter the team names in ranked order into Column I, replacing the text, "Team 1", "Team 2", etc.  The spreadsheet will spread these teams out on the ladder for pool play.
  4. As each game finishes, enter the score into the light-purple boxes under the title,  Score .  If there is a zero score for a game, be sure to enter a zero into the score, do not leave it blank. The Points will be calculated for each game in the box below.  
  5. Near the top center of the page, "PTS" shows the accumulated points for each team.  The team with the most points in each pool advance as the pool winner in the Championship Round.  The four teams with the highest point totals advance to the championship round.
  6. Break ties in pool play as follows:
    1. If one of the teams beat the other during their games, that team advances.
    2. Otherwise, the team with the largest goal differential advances.
    3. Otherwise, the team that allowed the fewest total goals against, advances.
    4. Otherwise, you toss a coin to determine which team advances.
  7. The two teams with the highest points play for 1st and 2nd place.  The two teams with the next highest points play for 3rd and 4th place.
  8. The bottom area in yellow and buff show the Championship Round.  Enter the teams in the Team Name boxes in order of ranking from left to right.
  9. As the games end, enter the scores.  The team with the higher score wins.  If there is a tie, break the tie as follows; 
    1. the team with the higher points from the pool play wins
    2. otherwise, the team with the highest number of goals in the pool play wins
    3. otherwise, the team with the least goals against wins
    4. otherwise, you toss a coin to determine the winner
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