U14G Area Tournament Director

Palo Alto AYSO hosts the U14G Area Tournament each year, the first weekend of December.  The U14G Tournament Director performs some administrative tasks leading up to the Tournament, and manages the Tournament Desk on the weekend of the Tournament.  Experience at running tournaments or playing soccer is not required.  The plan and task list is already defined, as well as the organizing of the assistant volunteers.  A winning smile and the ability to organize a party (in this case a tournament) are the only needed skills.

Overview of Job
  1. In June, email the field permit administrator to ensure fields are reserved
  2. Near Thanksgiving, get the team rankings from the Area
  3. Enter the team names into the Tournament Ladder
  4. On Saturday Game Day, ensure Field Marshall volunteers are on duty
  5. Present the awards to the coaches, and they in turn, present to their players

We wish for our players and parents to have lots of fun at the tournament. It is time for competitiveness, but amongst our AYSO friends. We have a great reputation for fun competition. It is a legacy we want to build on and promote. 
The Tournament Spreadsheet
The Tournament Spreadsheet is pre-built with all the needed game slots, ladder management, and finalist games.  All you need do is enter the team names at the beginning, and the scores of each game as they complete.