Player Check-In Procedure

Checking In Should Take 5 Minutes per Team.

Teams must be fully assembled and ready for check-in 20 minutes prior to their first Game Start.

Each team and player needs to be checked-in prior to play. 
 No player may enter the field without having been formally checked-in. 

Each player must be wearing the team issued uniform and the prescribed equipment. 

Banned items that affect safety of themselves or other players may not be worn.

Players that are not in compliance may not be checked-in.  
The Tournament Director will make the final determination if the player is out of compliance.

  • Players do not approach the Tournament Table. Players should remain about 20 feet away from the Tournament Table at all times. 
  • The Coach signs in at the Tournament Table, providing team region and number, and his cell phone number. 
  • The Coach assembles his team approximately 25 feet away from the Tournament Table, in a nearby open area. 
  • The Coach assembles his team in a straight line by ascending jersey number 
  • The team stands with their backs to the Tournament Official. The Tournament Official will go down the roster and do a roll call, initialing each player that is present, and stroking out the name of any player not present. Any player not on the approved roster may not play. Do not pencil in a player. The Roster has been approved by the Regional Commissioner of that team and may only be modified by the Regional Commissioner of that team. 
  • Have the players lift one foot and examine their shoes. They need to NOT have a center cleat in the front, such as baseball shoes. If shoes appear not to be regulation and you are uncertain, ask for help from a referee. 
  • Have the players turn around and hold out their hands. The Tournament Official will check for rings and bracelets. Any must come off  and be given to the coach for safe-keeping.

  • Check the player for earrings or studs. No earrings or studs are permitted. Taping of earrings or studs is not permitted. Any earrings or studs must come off and may be given to the coach for safe-keeping. 
  • Check the player for bobby pins, barrettes or other hard items in the hair. They must be removed and given to the coach. Soft hairbands, scrunchies and headbands are permitted. 
  • Hair must be tied back, and may not be long and flowing around. 
  • Shin guards must be on. Check for them by having the player tap both their shins demonstrating the hard guard underneath. 
  • Socks must cover the shin guards completely
  • Socks MUST be of the correct team color issued as part of the uniform, and my not have distinctive marking. No exceptions. 
  • If a player does not get into compliance and the Tournament Director does not allow an exception, cross out their name on the roster. They may not play.
  • If in doubt about any aspect of compliance, consult with a referee.