U14G Tournament Management Details

Area Tournament Directors

Using The Area Tournament Spreadsheet
for All Regions

The Tournament Spreadsheet can be accessed when you login with the Tournament Director Account.  Links to the various spreadsheets are on the Area Web Site.

Palo Alto AYSO U14G Instructions

In June, log into your Regional eMail account, g14tournament@ayso26.org.  Check for any outstanding emails that may have been sent already.  All emails regarding the tournament should be originated and received by this account.
  1. In early June, send an eMail to the permits@ayso26.org to ensure Mayfield North, Mayfield South, Greer are reserved all day for the first Saturday in December.  Reserve Mayfield North and South from 8am to 11 am on the first Sunday in December.
  2. In July, email the equipment@ayso26.org to check the locker inventory for ribbons for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter to present to the teams.  You need 30 of each to have enough for each player and the coaches and assistant coaches.  If there are not enough, email the equipment@ayso26.org to replenish the inventory.  The Crown Awards order is attached to this page for reference purposes, and can be forwarded to the equipment manager.
  3. In August, recruit an assistant to help with the referees and the planning.  Your assistant may have already been recruited for you through the WYS volunteering page.  Confirm the Director Assistant, and if the person is declining to serve, ask the volunteer_coord@ayso26.org to clear the Assistant from the assignment in WYS, permitting another person to volunteer.
  4. In August, enter the game slots into WYS for the tournament. This is most easily accomplished by asking the Game Scheduler to download the file, U14G Tournament Games Load, from this page.  Be sure to ask the Game Scheduler to alter the file for the correct date after downloading it.  This action creates game slots with teams 28 and 29 in Region 26, not the correct teams, since we will not know the correct teams until end of season.  In the meantime, these faux games can be seen and booked by the referees.
    1. In early September send an email to the refcoord_u14@ayso26.org indicating the need for referees for the first weekend in December.  State that there will be 4 Greer fields starting from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday, with a game start every 90 minutes, and that the games have been entered into WYS, but with bogus team numbers until seeding from the regular season is known.  Also, that Mayfield N & S are booked for games from 8 am to 11 am on Sunday, similarly.
    2. In late September, send the attached U14G Tournament Email to g14@ayso26.org and b14@ayso26.org, to forward to their coaches.  The email provides overview information to the coaches.
    3. In Novermber, Two Weeks before the tournament, 
      1. receive the list of teams for the Tournament from the Area Director, and enter them into the Team List spreadsheet
      2. enter the Tournament Assistant volunteer slots into WYS and notify the parents of the home teams
      3. Send and email to the refcoord_u14@ayso26.org, for setting up the referee coverage of the games.  Inform the Referee Coordinator that all games are entered into WYS, and that the Sunday Championship Games have bogus teams because we don't know which teams will advance, but we still need coverage of those games assigned.  Communicate to ensure full coverage is obtained.
    1. The weekend before Thanksgiving is the usual time for the Regional tournaments -- these determine which teams advance to this Area tournament.  Email all the local RCs (you can find their addresses from their regional websites -- look on the Area website for those) and ask them to send you official rosters for the teams -- these rosters can be in any format -- you just need a list of player's names, plus the coach email address and phone number.
    2. Email the coaches and ask them to send you an electronic version of their game cards.
    3. Compare the rosters to the game cards, then validate each of the game cards with a stamp or initials.
    1. In November, One Week before the tournament, send the attached Player Check-In Procedure to all the coaches and RCs.  Ask that they ensure their players have read this before coming.
    2. Before Game Day, a few days earlier,
      1. Arrange for bottled water and a variety of sandwiches and chips for the referees.  The water and sandwiches should be available all day at the Tournament Table.  Typically a variety of half sandwiches from Subway works.  Note:  It is easiest to purchase these items yourself and then use the online Reimbursement Form to get repaid.
      2. Get the needed awards from the Area Director, the fold up table, the rain/sun canopy and the Kids Zone Banner.
      3. Print the Coach Check-in Sheet, attached to this page, and all the approved rosters.
      4. Get 4 clipboards from the locker.  Print 4 copies of the Check-In Procedure attached to this page, and put 1 in each clipboard.
      5. Get 20 large zip-lock bags for player items that they cannot wear.
      6. If possible, get a large portable whiteboard (there are several in the uniform locker) or several large paper flip boards.  Put the current pool standings, and, if space, the game schedule and the referee schedule -- this will go a long way to answering questions during the day.
    3. On Saturday Game Day at 7 AM,
      1. At 7:00 am, set up the tournament table
      2. The Assistant Director and Assistants check in the teams
        1. Coach signs the Coach Check-In Sheet.
        2. Coach assembles team at an area about 25 feet away from the table.
        3. You hand the coach the validated game cards
        4. Check the players jersey numbers against the approved roster
        5. cross out players not present
        6. check each player for regulation shoes, uniform, shin guards, no banned items such as earrings, studs, watches, etc
        7. initial each player that you have checked
        8. initial the game cards and return them to the coach
      3. Administer the ladder, updating as Game Cards are collected or results are phoned in.  If a Game Card is overdue, ask the Assistant to track it down.  If Game Card cannot be located, ask the two coaches of the game in question, what the score was.
    4. On Saturday at end of Game Day, ensure all Game Cards are collected, update the statistics. Send a summary email to all the coaches and the AreaRCs alias informing them of the teams that advance and giving them the url, http://u14gtournament.ayso26.org to view details.
    5. On Sunday, the Championship Round
      1. At 7am, set up the Tournament Table
      2. Check in the Championship Teams as on Saturday
      3. At end of final games assemble the teams and present the awards to the coaches, starting with the 4th place finishers.  Give the awards to the coaches and permit them to take their teams aside for distributing the awards to their players
    6. End of Tournament
      1. Leave the spreadsheet completed for follow up
      2. Return equipment to the locker.
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    Oct 25, 2011, 12:08 AM
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    Nov 26, 2011, 8:46 AM