Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator helps volunteers through the registration process, and connecting them with the procedures they need to follow for their task.


You will receive requests from parents for information about volunteering, or help with the volunteering process.  You use your regional email account, volunteer_coord@ayso26.org, to receive and respond to these requests.  

To the right is a list of typical requests that you will receive.  If you get a request not covered here and you need help, consult the Volunteer Directory for a list of people that can help you answer the question.  If the Q&A list on the right needs to be updated, feel free to add to it, or ask web@ayso26.org for help.  The Regional Commissioner is always ready to help.

Always encourage volunteers to use the website, http://www.ayso26.org, to get answers, or use the Frequently Asked Questions, http://faq.ayso26.org.  The information is most likely there, but folks need to be encouraged to use the menu, the FAQ and the search bar at the top of the page; not just send emails asking questions.  Also, notice that at the bottom of this page, and every page, are Commonly Used Links.  Sending a volunteer or a parent to the web site is encouraging them to find information for themselves.  Of course, be specific and gracious when you send them to the website.  ;-)

See Who has Volunteered for What, and Manage the List
After logging in, use the tabs on the left, Admin / Gen Volunteers.  This shows you the list of all the volunteer positions.  Click the word Show, next to a position, and it will show the tasks for the position.  You may update this list, adding or removing volunteers. 
Click on the, What, of the task to see a list of functions that you can do, as shown in the box on the right.  Do not Delete tasks, even if they are empty.  They may be needed next season.

To Delete a Volunteer From an Assignment
  1. After clicking, Show, on the volunteer position for the person
  2. Click the field next to the word, Currently, showing the number of persons signed up for the position
  3. click the number and a dialog box will open listing the signed up persons
  4. click the persons name that you wish to delete
  5. another dialog box will open, click the,  Delete volunteer from task, to remove that person
  6. automatically, the task will again appear as open for volunteering, on the parent's list of open positions
Rights Assignment and Board Positions
Some Volunteers need rights assignment.  During registration volunteers will email you stating that they are ready for their assignment.  If their job matches one of the Board positions in WYS, you need to add their name to that position.  Your login to WebYouthSoccer is enabled to assign volunteers to positions. This level of permission gives you dangerous capability in other areas of the application.  Be sure to only do exactly what you need to do, slowly and methodically.
  1. After logging in
  2. using the menu item Admin / Board
  3. Scroll down and find the position you are assigning
  4. The ADD and DELETE buttons allow you to assign or remove the volunteer from the listed position
  5. When you ADD, enter the leading characters of the volunteer's last name in the pop-up, and choose the volunteer from the list

Volunteer Questions

I want to volunteer as...   How do I do it
To register as a volunteer for the Region, goto http://volunteer.ayso26.org and follow the instructions.  To choose a volunteer assignment, login and under the Parent / Volunteering tab on the left, click the button on the bottom of the page, Volunteer for a Task.

How do I get training
Coaches and Referees get training from the http://clinics.ayso26.org.  Or, send them to the Regional Coach Administrator or Regional Referee Administrator as appropriate.  Division Commissioners attend their own Workshop, refer them to the chief@ayso26.org commissioner. 

I am a youth, can I volunteer
Yes, you can volunteer to referee or help coach teams 2 years younger than you. There are many other positions as well, including short task jobs. Goto http://youth.ayso26.org to learn more.

I volunteered but can't login to the training site
Did you register in eAYSO?  It has your AYSO ID. 

Do I have an account...   What is my login
Parent login:   Refer to http://faq.ayso26.org and click on the FAQ-Registration link in the right box.

Volunteer login:  Are they a volunteer listed on one of the volunteer directories, if so, send them their ayso26 email address from the table and the initial password.  If this does not work, refer to web@ayso26.org.

Where do I send my volunteer forms
Refer them to the FAQ.

Parent Questions

What do I do with my kids registration forms
Give them to your coach at the first practice 

I don't know my kids team assignment
You find this at http://login.ayso26.org and use the Parent menu.  Teams are not formed until August.  Send them the FAQ link.

When will the teams be formed
Generally in early August.  When your division roster is released your will receive an email.

Where do I send my registration check
Send them the FAQ.

I cant login to register my kids
Forward this to the registrar@ayso26.org.

Where do my kids practice
When the practice fields are assigned you can see them on the Parent menu after logging in.

I want to change my kids team (play with a friend, escape from another player, don't like the coach, practice somewhere else)
Forward this to the cvpa@ayso26.org.