Soccerfest Volunteers

To sign up for any of these positions check out the list of volunteer positions by clicking Parent / Volunteer after logging into WYS, indicating the days you can help, and what jobs you can help with.  After choosing your sessions be sure to go to How to Volunteer to complete your registration.

1) Soccerfest Helper

No soccer experience needed.
You may sign up for one or more sessions. Commitment is for 2.5 hours on the day that you volunteer for.  Come 30 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late for the session.

Check-in administration (12:30-3:00)
All players have to be checked-in to ensure:
  • they are registered for AYSO instructional season last year or this year
  • they have a medical release (registration form) already turned in, or with them and signed by a parent
  • they are wearing shin-guards and soccer approved shoes or non-cleated shoes

Field monitoring  (1:00-2:45)

  • Players may need help forming teams
  • Depending on number of players, try to divide into age groups.  Younger players can play on half fields.
  • Play must be observed to ensure safety and supervision (no formal coaching or refereeing)


  1. No soccer experience needed.
  2. Each volunteer must be registered as a volunteer.  It is easy to sign up if you have not done so before.  If you are not registered to volunteer, there are three registering options on the Volunteering drop down menu at the top..
  3. Each volunteer must complete the "Save Haven" online, 30 minute course, explaining our policies with regard to Child Supervision.   This will be presented to you during your registration.
  4. Be on time.

2) Soccerfest Day Manager

No soccer experience needed.
You may sign up for one or more session.  Commitment is 2.5 hours for each session you volunteer for.  Come 30 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late for the session.
  1. get the balls, cones, pennies from the Soccerfest locker that is chained to the fence
  2. supervise Soccerfest Helper Volunteers
    1. set up the check-in table and banners 
    2. check in players (shin guards, shoes)
    3. collect player forms for first time players
    4. watch the play for safety issues
  3. oversee the field/player assignments
There is no formal coaching nor refereeing, you just split them up by age, try and make sure the teams are relatively balanced, make sure they play safely, and let them have fun.

3) Soccerfest Producer

No soccer experience needed.
The Soccerfest Producer is an administrator, responsible to ensure the program is successfully executed.  No field duty is required.  Principal commitment is for 15 minutes per week to check the volunteer status for the upcoming week and update the calendar when a sufficient number of volunteers sign up.  
  1. Promote Soccerfest to the parents using the system email. Send a monthly reminder.
  2. Review volunteering for each of the scheduled days and update the calendar to indicate that Soccerfest is on for the days where there is sufficient volunteer signup.
  3. Check the equipment is in the Soccerfest locker (chained to the fence at the field) at the beginning of the season, and email to stating any equipment that needs to be added.
    1. balls & cones
    2. pinnies
    3. sign-up table
    4. sign-up box with pens, clipboard and forms
    5. Region banner
    6. Safe Haven banners