Web Site Kit

Greetings from Region 26, Palo Alto AYSO.  This kit is for AYSO Regions that wish to use Google Sites and have a look and feel somewhat mimicking the AYSO national site.  In composing our site we have tried to be true to the AYSO branding, and build a structure that is clean and is useful to parents, players and volunteers.

Why Google Sites?
  • free
  • hassle free operations, it just works
  • any volunteer can easily learn to update their own pages, for example RCA and RRA can be given editorial ability on specific pages
  • simple to set up and administer
  • drop dead easy integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar
  • most middle and high school students already know how to use the Google services
  • advanced customization using widgets and API, although unnecessary, is available
A Word on Domain
Domain is an Internet term indicating the realm of your Internet resources, such as ayso.org and ayso26.org each being a domain.  Unfortunately, Google has absconded with the term to mean something similar, but not exactly the same. A Google Domain is a realm with the integration of Apps, Sites, Mail, Docs, and more.  This can be confusing.  But, at its simplest, think of it this way:
You need an Internet domain to start with.  Ours is ayso26.org  We use DROA.com (Domain Registry of America) to reserve and manage our Internet domain records.  We use DROA becuase they are far simpler to use than any alternatives such as GoDaddy.  When you use Google Domain with your Internet domain you don't use the piles and piles of stuff that most domain registrars provide.  The complete range of needs for our Internet domain management is provided here.