Youth Volunteers

Youth volunteers in High School and Jr High School add an invaluable contribution to our programs. Many prefer the hands-on outdoor assistant coach and referee positions.  But we also have web site, registration, coordination and administration needs.  

we are pleased to recognize our youth volunteers as they graduate from high school.  During the Community Service presentations AYSO recognizes their service throughout their school career, and awards a cash grant.  Be sure to track your hours in our Presidential Award program.  Training time, set up time, assisting time, field time,...   all count.

VIP Buddy Volunteer in the Fall

The task is to assist with game management on the field. 
Volunteers: Can use up to 4 volunteers, no experience required. 
Background: The VIP Program is run during the fall and is for players unable to play on a regular team due to physical or mental issues. During the game on Sundays, volunteers assist to keep the game going and ensure participation by all the players. More info. 
Comment: There are no practices or soccer training required. 
Service Hours: 1:20 to 3:00, 5 or more Sundays in the fall. Up to 11 weeks. Total 16.5 hours. 

Soccerfest in the Summer 

The task is to assist with checking in the players on game day and supporting the Soccerfest game coordinator during the game. 
Volunteers: Can use up to two volunteers, no experience required. 
Background: The soccerfest program is a pick-up game and runs during most of the summer on Saturdays from 10 to noon. More info. 
Comment: This is principally supporting the administration of checking players in, checking their forms. 
Service Hours: 2.5 hours each Saturday, for 10 weeks. Total 25 hours each.

U6-Kinder Field Management 

The task is to support coaches during the play. 
Volunteers: Can use up to 8 volunteers, no experience required. 
Background: The kindergartners do not play regular soccer on regular fields, they play for one hour on Saturday afternoon, and there are no practices. During the Saturday coaches and parents need help for the 15 minutes prior to games, getting organized. During the games some coaches need assistance from time to time. Volunteers are needed to "float around" and assist where they see help needed. A 90 minute class is given on how to coach the Kinder league prior to the season start. More info. 
Comment: This job is principally organize and support on-field coaching. 
Service Hours: 1.5 hours each Saturday for 10 weeks in the fall or spring Kinder Program.

Equipment Locker Support 

The Task is to help with locker organization and equipment distribution and return.
Volunteers: Can use up to 3 volunteers, no experience required.
Background: AYSO stores its equipment in lockers.  The lockers are organized with shelving and bins to hold equipment like jerseys, balls, coach shirts, kinder flags, etc.  At the start of the season several days are allocated for coaches to come to the locker and pick-up their team's equipment.  At the end of the season, likewise for coaches to return their equipment.  The equipment is organized and stored for easy pickup and drop off.
Comment:  This job is principally organizing equipment into bundles and checking coaches off as they pickup or drop off.
Service Hours:  3 hours on several weekends for pickup and drop off, plus 6 hours of locker organization.  Total possible is 12 hours.

Assistant Coach

The Task is to assist a coach with practice drills on two evenings a week.  
Volunteers: Can use many volunteers.
Background:  The players especially appreciate youth volunteers as their assistant coach.  PALY and Gunn students have coached Palo Alto AYSO teams for many years.  Starting as assistant coaches, or sometimes assistant co-coaching with a friend, some have coached their own teams after a season or two of experience. 
And the players love it.  Kids love it when PALY or Gunn students are their coaches or assistant coaches.  There is something special in the team building and relationship with youth coaches.
Comment:  Soccer experience is required.
Service Hours:  1 hour for two evenings during week, and 1 hour during game on weekend.  For 12 weeks, up to 36 hours.


The Task is to referee youth soccer games.
Volunteers:  Can use many volunteers.
Background:  Palo Alto AYSO offers excellent referee training and certification, at no cost to you, except for your time to learn and time to give back to the AYSO by volunteering.  Palo Alto AYSO supplies your uniform and referee equipment, for free.  
Comment:  No soccer experience is required.
Service Hours:  A few evenings of training class and a few hours each weekend, self-scheduled.

Field Painting in the Fall 

The task is to walk the lines of a soccer field and "re-paint" them so that they are easily seen for the weekend games. 
Volunteers: Can use up to 24 volunteers, no experience required 
Background: A dozen fields total, once a week, for 11 weeks Thursday or Friday, each field takes 30-45 minutes, depending on size of field.  Easy to push cart, like a seed spreader, walk the already made line and keep normal pace.  We supply the equipment and training (15 minutes). 
Comment: We will try to work with volunteers to assign fields close to their place of residence. The line machine is small and easy to put in the trunk of a car. 
Service Hours: A volunteer could spend 1 or two hours per week for 11 weeks, depending on field. Total 11 or 22 hours. 

Team Uniform Count Adjustment - 3 Days in the Fall 

The task is to coordinate and tally team uniform needs after the initial delivery of uniforms 
Volunteers: Can use up to 2 volunteers, email experience required 
Background: The uniforms are shipped to the team coaches. Once the coach has the uniforms and his team, there are often mis-matches in the number and sizes of uniforms. The coaches then email the uniform coordinator with their problems. We need help for 3 or 4 weeks to receive these emails and collate the mismatches. The uniform coordinator will the use that information to order the needed uniforms. 
Service Hours: 2 hours on Saturday mornings during late August through September. Total 8 hours each. 

Picture Day Assistant 

The Task is to help usher teams and parents and maintain order 
Volunteers: Can use up to 4 volunteers, no experience required. 
Background: On picture day, the teams have assigned time slots to arrive and have their pictures taken. The timing is tight, to get all the teams done. When the teams arrive they need to be gathered in a staging area, forms checked, and then at the appointed time, ushered to the line leading to the photo area. Assistance is needed to help arriving persons go to the staging area and get into their team groups, check that their forms are ready, and then direct them to the line when it is their team's turn. 
Service Hours: Minimum of 3 hours, depending on how many people help. The picture day could provide 6 hours each.