Track Your Presidential Award Hours

Register Yourself to be Certified by Palo Alto AYSO - takes 15 minutes 

Setting up your online account to declare your hours for certification is easy. 
  1. create your own account on the Presidential Award website, 
  2. enter our Palo Alto AYSO PIN to link your record to our organization, and 
  3. enter your hours served.
  4. You may enter hours already served.  Try to be accurate.
Begin by clicking the link to create your Record of Service account on the Presidential Service Awards web site.  Enter the needed information to create your account.

Once you create your account go to the PROFILE tab at the top of the page.  Update all the information in that page, and enter Palo Alto AYSO's code JRF-46307 in the box labeled "Your Record of Service Key".   Then press the button, Update Profile.  The AYSO certifying organization should now appear below Your Record of Service Key, near mid-page.  If not, double check the code you entered and try to update again.  If you are still having difficulty, contact our Awards Administrator.  

You are all set now to enter your volunteer hours.

Entering Volunteer Hours First Time - 5 minutes

Enter your hours by clicking the MY SERVICE button at the top of the page, and onr that page click the Create New Record button. 

This will open a page where you Create a New Service Activity.
  • For a recurring role, such as coach practice, indicate the record is recurring.  When you state the number of hours, it is for each practice.  The number of times recurring will multiply that number. 
  • Under General, for Service Activity, enter your AYSO role, some examples are
    • AR for U12-5 game
    • Coach practice with U9-3
    • Division Commissioner for B11
    • Uniform Coordination
    • Some descriptive short name if non-AYSO service
    • locker duty
    • planning season activity
    • Team Manager
  • Under General, for Specific Area of Service, use the drop down to indicate "Children & Youth"
  • For Description of Service you do not need to enter anything for an AYSO activity, as long as the Service Activity is a well-known AYSO function, such as given in the examples above.  For Service that is not AYSO related, please enter a description of the service performed that our AYSO Presidential Award reviewer will understand, to ensure your hours get recognized.
  • Under Tell us about your experience, there is no need to answer the questions or enter comments.
  • Click the Add this Activity button.

Entering Volunteer Hours Next Time - 2 minutes

  • login by clicking HERE 
    • if you haven't already, bookmark this page
    • if this is the first time, click the Remember my name checkbox
  • Enter your Username and Password and click the SIGN IN button.
  • click the MY SERVICE tab, and 
  • click the Create New Record button.