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Safe Haven & Concussion Awareness Training

Registered Volunteers and Children Protection 
With Supervision Rules, Good Samaritan Laws
and Liability Insurance

Know and follow Safe Haven policies and you, 
your children, and others on the team are protected.

As an all-volunteer, certified Community Service Organization and Registered Public Charity, we protect our children, volunteers and organization with clear policies and guidelines.  This training is a part of our contractual commitments to our insurance provider, the city of Palo Alto, and the PAUSD.

                 Read more about our Safe Haven program, here
  Read more about our Concussion Awareness program, here!

If you are already both Safe Haven certified and CDC Concussion Awareness certified 
from a previous season you do not need to repeat this training.
  • Every volunteer MUST take Safe Haven before they can undertake any volunteer duties
    • It is recommended to take CDC Concussion Awareness training
  • Coaches and referees must take Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Awareness training
  • Be sure to go all the way to the end of the course and see the certificate and it will be recorded automatically
View our 30 minutes tutorials using the blue buttons below.  You will need your AYSO ID to sign in.

If you don't know your AYSO ID, login and open the menu, Parent / Personal Info, and your AYSO ID will be shown.  
        • If you see an 8 digit AYSO ID, copy it and proceed to the blue buttons below.
        • If your AYSO ID is blank, 
          • if you have registered in eAYSO it may mean that your record has not been connected between our internal systems, send email to volunteer_coord@ayso26.org stating the full name you registered with in eAYSO, and the full name you used in our local site when you registered your player
          • if you have not registered in eAYSO, proceed to register as a new volunteer, here.


Safe Haven

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CDC Concussion Awareness