Referee Appreciation

Referee Appreciation Day - May 4-5, 2024

Every year, towards the end of the season,  AYSO takes a game day to ask that all teams provide special recognition towards our volunteer referees, who dedicate many hours each weekend to  make sure that youth soccer games can take place at the highest level of quality and fairness.  

We believe that it is important to recognize the efforts of these hard working volunteers at every game each weekend and this weekend is to provide a bit extra thankfulness. 

It would be appreciated if every team could provide a least a thank you card and/or a small gift for each Center Referee (CR) and Assistant Referee (AR) at your game as an extra measure of thanks.  (gift cards are highly recommended!) 

Please note that Referee Appreciation is being observed with all other regions across the Area 2J interlock.  

Thank you AYSO participants, and thank you Referees. 

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