Compliance and Certifications

Live Scan Fingerprinting

As of 1/1/2022, as per CA AB 506, all regular volunteers working with children have a one-time background check through Live Scan fingerprinting service. Fingerprinting is required for all volunteers that work with children for at least 16 hours/month of 32 hours/year; this generally includes all coaches, referees, and other team volunteers.

  • Unlike other volunteer requirements, this only has to be done one time for AYSO, and not annually or periodically like other compliance

  • Fingerprinting from other organizations is not transferable to AYSO. There is an AYSO specific registration/document that will also need to be filled out.

AYSO Palo Alto has made arrangements for AYSO volunteers to make this process quick and easily done at your convenience at The UPS store in Palo Alto Town and Country Village. Three required steps to complete:

  • Register with LiveScan services with the special AYSO link. select "Get Fingerprinted at a Live Scan Service Center" - this will create a "Live Scan account" that will reference your identity with AYSO and your email address. You will need to print out a form with a QR code that you will take to UPS.

  • Download the Palo Alto AYSO required volunteer form, fill it out and bring it also to the UPS Store. This will instruct UPS to charge the service to our House Account so that they will not charge you.

  • Visit the UPS store (bring your ID with you too) and ask for the Live Scan service. It should take only 2-3 minutes