Coach Training

Thank you for volunteering to coach or lead a team this fall.  AYSO provides online and in-person training for new coaches  that can be access and/or registered through SportsConnect to the eTrainU. Learning Management System.  Follow the instructions and guide in the box to the left to get started. 

For Fall 2023,  we encourage newer coaches - particularly at the U8 and U10 level to  take both online an in-person field session training.  Please. explore options through eTrainU to get started.  

Palo Alto is currently leveraging training from other nearby regions for in-person work so we encourage you to search for Mt. View, Sunnyvale, RedwoodCity or further for courses that fit your schedule and please enroll in advance so the instructor expects you.  Here are some that we are aware of:

AYSO Coach Certification: 

For 6U and 8U coaches,  AYSO certification can be obtained by either the self-paced online training provided by eTrainU or by a scheduled in person classroom session (preregistraiton required via eTrainU). 

For 10U coaches, there are 2 components to  coach certification

For 12U coaches, there are 3 components to certification:  

14U coach certification is the Intermediate Coach course:

Scheduled Trainings - Spring 2024

8U Coach Trainings.:

8U Classroom and Field session, 6U Coaches are also welcome!

The first hour will be a classroom session. Second hour will be a field session.

REGION  Region 44

COURSES  8U Coach - Full In-Person Course

LEARNING SESSIONS  6U/8U Complete Coach Training

9th Mar 2024 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Lakewood Park, Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale CA 94089

Location special instructions: Meet at the park building

You must pre-register via eTrainU.  See the Volunteer Training Guide  on how to register and complete any online pre-requesites.

10U Coach Training

12U Coach Trainings

You may be able to find other trainings in regions North of Palo Alto by searching in eTrainU

Training Resources 

Thank you for Volunteering to participate and enrich the lives of children through sport.  

AYSO's training LMS is eTrainU and can be accessed through your  SportsConnect account.   To  get started, please review our Volunteer Training Guide  to learn how to use the resource.  

Please note, in order to access eTrainU, you must first complete the Volunteer registration process by selecting "find Volunteer roles"  selecting a role (referee, coach)  and completing the disclosure forms and background check.