Referee for AYSO

Without officially certified AYSO referees, all games are scrimmages.  We need adult volunteers at every level to help manage the game to keep it safe, fun, and fair.   AYSO provides training for new referees at the start of the season and by participating, you get to be closest to the action of the game! 

Become a part of our growing Referee community and support the kids!

U8 officials:  Each game requires 1 (Center) referee per game.  Each team is expected to have at least 2 team officials. 

U10 & U12 officials:  Each game requires 1 Center (CR) and 2 Assistant (AR) sideline referees.  Each team is expected to have at least 3 team officials.  

U14, U16, and U19 officials: Currently AYSO in Palo Alto does not have a need to officials at this level. 

Spring Referee Training offerings

Regional Badge (for U10 and U12): 

To complete the Regional Badge, both an self paced online training via eTrainU and a scheduled field Training is required,  Please see the Volunteer Training Guide for information on how to complete the online portion which is required before the field training. 

The next Field Training session is scheduled:

 Saturday, March 2nd in Mountain View 1-5PM:

** ONLINE VIDEOS MUST BE WATCHED BEFORE ATTENDING ** - Regional Referee In Person Companion

REGION Region 45

COURSES  Regional Referee Online + In-Person Companion Course

LEARNING SESSIONS  In Person Companion

2nd Mar 2024 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location special instructions: You *MUST* have fully completed the online component (including the final exam) before attending.

Register via eTrainU.  Please contact the Assistant RRA  for more details. 

 Sunday March 17th in Concord 9:00AM -12:30PM

Regional Referee Companion Course (aka the Field Session)


Field Session to finalize Regional Referee training (ensure online modules completed first).  We will be moving around so please dress appropriately.  Recommend bringing a chair, pen, something to write on, sunscreen, water, snack.

Prerequisites to attend this course:

Register via eTrainU.  Please contact the Assistant RRA  for more details. 

To be contacted about the field training, please email 

Training Resources 

Thank you for Volunteering to participate and enrich the lives of children through sport.  

AYSO's training LMS is eTrainU and can be accessed through your  SportsConnect account.   To  get started, please review our Volunteer Training Guide  to learn how to use the resource.  

Please note, in order to access eTrainU, you must first complete the Volunteer registration process by selecting "find Volunteer roles"  selecting a role (referee, coach)  and completing the disclosure forms and background check.