Spring 2022 Referee Training

Please read our Fall Recruiting Message

U10 (Regional Badge)  Training: 

Field Session will be scheduled for Sunday, March 5th from 9-noon on a local field. You must complete the online portion of training in eTrainU, listed as:

Regional Referee - Online + In-Person Companion Course (2 Part Bundle)

in advance of the field training.  Please follow the instructions and download the Volunteer Training Guide to learn how to access online eTrainU training and to sign up for field training. 

n,b. you will need sign up for both the Online +In Person Companion Course (to take the online portion)  AND the field session titled: 

This is the Regional Referee Online Companion Course, the FIELD SESSION of the training for the Regional Badge.

Look for it under "Training Event" and March 5th and Enroll. 

To be contacted about the field training, please email 

Training Resources 

Thank you for Volunteering to participate and enrich the lives of children through sport.  

AYSO's training LMS is eTrainU and can be accessed through your  SportsConnect account.   To  get started, please review our Volunteer Training Guide  to learn how to use the resource.  

Please note, in order to access eTrainU, you must first complete the Volunteer registration process by selecting "find Volunteer roles"  selecting a role (referee, coach)  and completing the disclosure forms and background check.