General Info and Policies

Air Quality Policies

To ensure safety and good health for our players and coaches, Region 26 adopted the following standards and practices regarding Air Quality safety in 2019.   Coaches are asked to be aware of and monitor alert systems for local air quality for their practice days, and use personal discretion if uncomfortable with conditions, despite official reports.  They will inform their teams in a timely manner about cancellation of practice, or other adjustments to practice plans, such as suspending running or other high exertion work.  Parents are welcome to make their own decisions based on health concerns about individual players, but please inform coaches if you intend to miss practice.  

n.b. We use the EPA standard reported under over because of differences used in localization conversion factors. 

below 50:  All clear for full level practice. 

50-99:  Moderate activity, no high exertion work; monitor kids, and take more breaks.

100-120:  Coaches have discretion to cancel practices if uncomfortable with conditions.

over 120:  All practices are cancelled. 

Game Policies:

For games, we will also follow similar breakdowns.  Anything over 120 is a cancel, 100-120: coaches and referee staff should discuss pregame if they want to modify (shorten) or cancel the game under conditions.    We will rely on (Friday) evening before game day forecasts to send out any announcement before 7PM if there is any advisory or cancellation change due to smoke.